Friday, September 23, 2011

Who You Are Has Stolen My Heart: A Forget Me Not Friday Linkup

I am not a boaster. I don't like to boast. It feels fake and makes me feel like it does an injustice to the event, cause, situation, one is boasting about. To me boasting can be anything from winning the track meet and making sure everyone knows it was you. To being the next Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie in making sure everyone knows what you personally did to "help" someone out. It just leaves a sour taste in my mouth how someone will put their name on something just to further their own careers or ego's. I want you to know my bloggy friends, that this post might seem like a bit of a boast as you read on. But it is not. It is about a child who needs you right now, how this child has stolen my own heart and how I am personally doing my small part to help.

Until I started reading and adding blogs to my own personal blog list I was just another voice on the internet with a blog about life, complaints, and sometimes funny moments. I was just another blip on the internet highway, adding to the noise. Then I started watching others. What they were saying and doing. Some were just like me, others were out there with their intents. Still others were amazing me with their giant sized hearts. I know there are life situations and you must pick and choose and you cannot possibly do it all. I myself grapple with this every single day. I myself say if you are going to do good, keep it close to you and private then it will have meaning. Not everyone needs to know how you jumped a large building in a single bound. (I still love you Superman) This time however, in order to help someone, I need to let everyone know my jump.

This is my bloggy friend at Flight Platform Living. She has her own obstacles to deal with on a daily basis and you read about it on her blog. Her heart though knows no bounds. She is on of my personal heroes. Someone I look up to and admire. She heard about a foundation called Reece's Rainbow which is set up to help maintain funds and find families for orphans with Down's Syndrome and other disabilites from around the world. You can see their mission statement here.

Here is the Giveaway post for Francine. She is the lovely child that has stolen my heart. She is born in the same month and year as my second born. From her picture she has a gorgeous life to live. Without our help, because she was born with Cebral Palsy, spastic diplegia, delay of psychospeech development she will end up in a mental institution where she will languish and die unless something is done and fast. Most times, these children are looked past as adoptable simply because the people who wish to adopt cannot afford the giant price tag attached. This is where you and I come in. With this giveaway you are giving your money to help bring this child to a family who is willing to give her a healthy home. I would love to adopt Miss Francine myself. I just know I couldn't possibly do it with the current family position I am in. I am busy with four healthy children I was blessed with. So I am doing what I can. Each month I allocate funds to use on whatever I want for myself that is a want, not a need. I'm doing this early, but I have decided to donate my normal $100 me funds to help Francine in her quest to find a family. Sure, the Giveaway prizes are fabulous and it would be so cool to win something. For me though, what did it? What finally made me put myself out there to help was seeing the money raised just soar in the last month. How many others were willing to push self aside and campaign for this precious being. How could I not? Children here in Canada are so blessed, they have places to keep them safe and warm and into places of help and care. I had to gift that to another child.

So please I implore you to take a look at the giveaway. See how you can help. Let's get Francine a family and a safe home before she is lost to the system. If you are not interested in the giveaway and would rather do something without the "fanfare" and just for you. Donate annonymously. Thank you for your read and making this: A Forget Me Not Friday.

Forget Me Not Fridays


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need to come back in a bit and message you again as i am crying too much to think! you are an angel! xxxxxxx

  2. You ARE an angel!! I've been to Jane's blog, and it's so heartbreaking to see those children she features. I wish I had $100 to give as well.

  3. SARAH!

    at last i am composed enough to reply to you without bursting into tears and
    rendering myself unable to see the keyboard!!!!!

    YOU my darling girl are truly amazing!!!! oh if only the world had more of
    you in them!! can you imagine the difference that would make!

    I thankyou from the bottom of my heart for who you are and for holding dear
    Francine in your own heart as well. there was a family interested in her but
    i am almost certain they comitted to somebody else, also, dear friends of
    mine in the uk who live 20 minutes away and who adopted a girl with smith
    magenis syndrome (the same syndrome my tilly has) were desperate to adopt
    her, but alas in reality the uk closes doors on international special needs
    adoptions!!!! i hate my country for this space, i am about to
    take on the government! so we still wait!

    Your kind words about me just touched me so much!!i am sure you know
    yourself that many times blogging you feel you are talking to empty air, so
    any email or comment suprises me and i love it! but an email like yours!!!
    well its taken me an evening to compose myself! xxx thankyou thankyou

    i have added all of your wonderful purchases and sharing to the giveaway
    comments so you are now entered for 4 chances to win through all your
    sharing and an additional 25 chances for yourdonating!!!! 29 chances! i will
    keep all crossed for you my dear friend.

    again thankyou for all you do and for who you are. Its a priceless gift to
    meet people like you through my blog.


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