Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just Call Me "The Sucky Slayer"!

I'd never thought I'd say it, but suckies, pacifiers, dumb dumbs, nuks, suthers, or whatever you decide to call them are EVIL!

I am the first to say "hey, stick a sucky in their mouth." I made sure that a sucky was packed in my hospital bag with each of my four pregnancies. I advocate their use. In fact, recent studies show that they may help reduce the incidents of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I would pop a pacifier in my child's mouth the moment he/she made a peep. They served well at night when they got restless but weren't really hungry. It was perfect when training them to sleep as it helped them soothe themselves. I think this is where the problem came in. At least for my daughter.

My older two didn't seem to have an issue with giving up their suthers. With C we took away the nap suther and then after two weeks to a month the bedtime suther. I think that was around 18 months. With E I lost it in the house. He had no choice but to fall asleep without it. I found it two days later, but he was finally sleeping without it, so I threw it out. He was about 3 I believe. Possibly 2.5 years old. A is now two months away from turning three years old. She only wants the sucky when she sees it or someone mentions it. And bedtimes of course. In my opinion though, three years old is just too old to still be sleeping with a dummy. Last night after a week of continually looking for her last known sucky (she had at least 10. They have all vanished into the unknown.), I decided I was done with it. I told her in the morning that we were giving it to a baby who needed it. She agreed. That night she wanted her sucky. She was up until midnight. Around 10pm, after her repeated calls for me to find the sucky, I gave in and told her I threw it away because she was too big for a sucky. She wasn't happy, but finally fell asleep. A bit harsh I know, but she appears to be like me. No games, just give it to me straight up.

Tonight is night two of no sucky. A still asked for it. Again I said, "The sucky is gone, I threw it in the garbage remember?" She lasted until 9:30 to 10pm before she fell asleep. She did much, much better. Yay! Officially no more sucky searching for me ever again! (L is my only baby who didn't use a sucky) Now to get rid of the diapers and get A to use the potty.

(Side Note: I still advocate use of the pacifier. Just extremely happy I don't have to search for them any longer.)


  1. We decided right from the beginning that, the second he turned 2, the ol’ pacifier is gone, forever. Some people dislike them. Others don’t. It’s a personal decision. Great blog!

  2. Pacifiers saved my many nights for my twins. But I didnt have problem letting them go off of it.
    So, I am not blaming it. As long as they dont suck thumb, yeah that is scary.

  3. @Diplo_Daddy ~ thanks. I normally would have had the sucky thrown out by the age of 2 as well. However, I had babies at each point with the last two. E was almost off the sucky completely until I brought A home and then he wanted it. A was starting to let go fo hers until we brought L home. So I've allowed them to use it for the transition. I knew she was ready. She just didnt' realize it yet.

    @meandmythinkingcap ~ yeah, my youngest sucks his two fingers. I'm hoping that doesn't last forever. But at least I'm not searching for a sucky lol.

  4. I loved pacifiers too...I found them to be a great help! My last baby never used them, though. Glad to hear you don't need them anymore :)

  5. I wish I had one of those for myself. I might sleep better.


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