Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing Assignment: Back To School

Today I was going through the many blogs I follow. Here I find posts that tug at my heart strings and drive me to pass them on like this one at Flight Platform Living. (If you have never heard of or read this blog before, you must. This post alone is special, the whole blog will change your heart and mind.)

I also come across blogs that give me ideas and assignments that help fill in those days that I need something short and sweet, (I'm a bit long-winded) so I can get my personal quota of blog posts out to you wonderful readers. Blogging Dangerously is just one of those sites. Today's assignment is a quick exercise to get your writer's brain moving. You are required to write a sentence where each word in the sentence starts with the letter that follows the letter that started the previous word. An example is found through the link at Blogging Dangerously provided above. Good luck and have fun :D


(H)arry (I)nglebert (j)uggles (k)aleidoscopes (l)akeside.


  1. That is interesting.


  2. Interesting stuff, I might give it a shot but I think your words are awesome. I never would have thought of kaleidascope :)


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