Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warning!....Exclaimed The Voice On The Other End Of The Telephone Line


I hope you got that number. I got that number on my call display. I figured it was another telemarketer. Sometimes I am interested in what they have to say. Although I should just do what my friend does and let one of my two children talk to them. They are 5 and 2 years old. They like to sit and shoot the shit about absolutely nothing at all. Heck, my five year old would love to sit and talk about his friend Nicolae. That's all we ever hear about all day long. I'm willing to share this wealth of friend information. Trust me. I. Need. The. Break.

This is a SCAM! You can find different sites on through searching the number. Idiots didn't even try blocking it. Not very smart criminals now are you? I really want to hear of someone who doesn't have a computer who receives this phone call. Now that would be friggen hilarious.

Phone call:


Me: "Hello."

TM: Dead Air.

Me: "Hello."

TM: "Hello ma'am are you the owner of this number?"

Me: "Yes, I am."

TM: Broken English. "Computer" Broken English. What sounded like a strong East Indian accent. "Virus" Loud call center noises drowning out his already broken up English. "Downloading."

Me: "I'm sorry I cannot understand you."

I really can't and hoping he just ends the call. I haven't yet because I am trying to make sense of it to decide the legitimacy.

TM: "You have gone to an unsecured site. You are now downloading stuff and it is phishing your information from your computer. Can you understand me now?!"

Holy crap his English improved in seconds, and he no longer sounds East Indian. And he raised his voice at me. He almost yelled at me. How rude! How does he have this information to know this? Where did he get my number? I am on the Canadian No Call Registry. (Well now, isn't that useless)

Me: "Well I'll talk to my husband about it, he works in computers. He'll no what to do."

TM: "Oh no! It is downloading the virus and you're computer will shut down in half an hour!"

OOOhhh brownie points for the panic in his voice. He must really care about me. This random voice on the phone who clearly is having an Ethnicity crisis. So TM are you English, East Indian or French? (K, he didn't do the French accent. But it would have been more entertaining to me if he did)

Me: "You are seeing this happen. Right now?"

TM: "Yes. On your computer. It will shut down in half an hour."

The urgency he displays raises his voice another octive. This dude should do voice overs. He deserves an Emmy!

Me: "If you can see what system I am using can you please identify it for me."

TM: "Yes. You are using a Microsoft PC."

His performance is quite impressive. Except he has lost all of his accent by now.

Me: "There Sir is where you are wrong."


That was me hanging up the phone. I don't use a PC. You dropped the ball TM. You. Dropped. The. Ball. All brownie points taken back. I retract the Emmy statement as well.

Side Note: It has taken me half an hour to type this up with one hand, while putting my baby to sleep.


  1. Nice respone I wish I was that quick on my feet, but I guess with four kids you have to be. I love the post and will be watching for that number.

  2. What the hell?!! Seriously, how do they come up with these scams?! Good for you,
    i normally just yell at them, say something about harassment and reporting them. I did just have to have a number blocked because they called me 16 times in 3 days...crazy!!!!

  3. I had the same thing happent to me in England a few months back. What a load of pooh! Next time that happens, I'll take your advice and hand the telephone to my five-year-old who loves to talk!

  4. Haha! People are so dumb.

    Props to you for getting this posted while putting the baby to sleep at the same time too! :)


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