Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ten Things You Wish You Knew About Me. Or Didn't Wish. Whatever I'm Telling You Anyways.

The other day @VivInterrupted sent me a tweet with an essential "Tag, you're it!" message. I'm a little late getting back to her on this one. So from her post I gather I'm supposed to write down 10 things you don't know about me that you were just wishing I would enlighten you with. (I know this ain't so, but just humor me a little k? My fragile ego needs it)

Phew: so I know I did seven things for my blog awards before, but I don't remember all that I put up there and I'm hoping your memory is as crappy as mine. As I'm too darn beat to try and search to see what I wrote and what I didn't.

1. I have always loved singing and always wanted to record at least one CD and hear it played on the radio.

2. I used to dance in my front yard until I was 14 years old and we moved to another area. I loved it and didn't care who saw me. (I only wish I was still that carefree)

3. I wish I had the time to get all the ideas rolling around in my head on paper before I forgot what I was thinking about.

4. When I was in my teens I used to write my own songs. I couldn't compose the music.

5. I tried out for Canadian Idol, it's first year, and froze during auditions. I haven't really sung since. I threw out all my songs. I regret that to this day.

6. I want to be published one day. I was writing a novel and tossed it when I was angry at myself. My characters play in my mind, but I'm always comparing what I write to the story I let get away. My characters remain just thoughts that haunt me.

7. I have insomnia because my head has so much going on in it.

8. I never planned on having four children, (even though twins times 4 equals 8 children) In order to understand that one, you need to know I originally wanted 4 sets of twins :S

9. I am terrified of the dark and basements.

10. I like to walk around in the house with very minimal light. Very close to dark. (Unless I watched a scary movie. Then the lights need to be on for a good week)

I am supposed to tag people now. I'm not sure how many. So here are some people I have yet to mention at any time in my blogs:







So there ya go! "Tag, You're It!"


  1. So do I have to share 10 things now too ... :P

  2. I dislike dark basements too! My first house had an unfinished basement and that happened to be where the washer and dryer was. I hated it!!!

    Thanks for including me!!

  3. Interesting. All the best for your song career

  4. @ Mama Ash ~ yes you do :P

    @ laci512 ~ you are quite welcome :D I hated my parents basement too. My washer and dryer is now on the main floor lol

    @ meandmythinkingcap ~ thank you :D

  5. Great things to know about you! I'm scared of the dark too.

  6. I didn't know you were such a singer! Umm...hello, where's my video? : )

  7. Insomnia is SO annoying isn't it? I have phases - and when they kick in they usually kick in about 3am, GRRRRRR!


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