Friday, August 19, 2011

Swaggalicious: I Got SWAGG !!!

About a month ago I joined in on @blogdangerously's #wineparty on twitter. I had missed the week prior and hubby fell asleep on me. So I figured why not drink alone and enjoy some good conversation. It was nice, all the kids were in bed including L and I got to enjoy a full evening of chatter. It was during this time that #aintthatlife was mentioned as sponsering #wineparty. So I figured, since this "brand" was going to sponser my favourite way to spend a Friday night besides knocking boots with my hubby, I could at least check it out.

The link provided led me to my first viewing ever of a webisode (Yeah I blog, but have never seen a webisode. Sue me.) Let me just say that I am in LOVE with the stickman. This comment on Twitter is what got me my swagg. At first I thought it was just talk. I didn't get it. I was then messaged along with a few others to drop my mailing address off to @blogdangerously to pass along and I'd receive my swagg soon. I was hopeful but skeptical. For all I knew some creeper wanted my mailing address. (Hey, the world holds stranger, truer things)

Today I went to get the mail and saw a huge envelope shoved in my community cubby hole mailbox. I checked out the sender and it was from the shows creater Joseph Amiel. I just about sped down the street just so that I could tear open the package and try on my brand new t-shirt!!!

After all this you are probably wondering what Ain't That Life is about. The webisodes are about a guy named Harold Bregman. He's in therapy. His life is well average at best. However, that is up until recently. If you want to know more, you NEED to check out the webisodes at Aint That Life dot com. There is much more at the site than just the webisodes as well. Including a place to purchase Ain't That Life swagg like my t-shirt.

And because I wanted to show off my new shirt in a creative way, I worked on this just for you. My Bloggy and Twitter friends. Without you guys I would never have been at #wineparty to win squat.

Thank you so much! I don't win things, well, rarely. It's more like a once in a blue moon type of thing. What's great was that I wasn't even trying. What's even better is that I actually like the webisode. I wanted to write this post earlier, but really thought it would be better if I had the swagg to go with it.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't asked to write this post by the creator or anyone else affiliated or unaffiliated with I was not offered or given anything monetary or otherwise to advertise for I wrote this post to show off that I won something and to give exposure to a web series that I feel is worth watching.)

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  1. I have a confession to make, I've never seen a webisode either! The dang volume on my comp doesn't work, so that would be one boring thing to watch! Glad you got a free t-shirt, I love free stuff!


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