Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Embracing The Ginger

I am so proud of my Gingy! Yes, that is what he calls himself now. On July 29th, at midnight, I picked him up from the airport. He flew in from his three weeks at Cadet camp. My Dad drove me to the airport as I didn't want to go alone that late at night. I hadn't seen C for a month as he was at his father's the week prior to leaving. I was so excited to see him, my nerves had me in a tizzy, requiring two tablespoons of Kaopectate. I flashed him with my camera as he decended the stairs to the baggage area where all us anxious parents were waiting. With the exception of an unfortunate incident, C said this was an even better year than last year. He said he got along a lot better with the goup, stating he was welcomed in all the cliques. I think it's awesome. He's low profile in the sense that everyone wants to hang out with him, but he's not in high demand. We stayed up until 2:30am laughing and talking about the silliness of camp. He also got bit by a spider and sunburnt on top of it really bad.

His arm the first night home

His arm the next day after I put some aloe vera cream on his arm the night before. He had to put this stuff on for a good week before it stopped itching and didn't look so bad.

I think he'd be embarrassed knowing I put this out there, but he was called "Senoir Smoothie Cheeks". (He told me if I posted this he'd dump water on me in my sleep. teehee) He had so many stories to tell me between that night and the next day. Including his war cry "Gingy"!

If you have been keeping up, my son to this point has been teased since he was in Grade 6 at least about being a redhead. It got really bad at the end of this past school year. He's got the most gorgeous auburn hair. I love it and am so terribly jealous. My red hair only comes in a box. Other kids are just plain out mean and think it's cool to tease these kids. Little do children like my son realize out of school, women will be all over him just for his red hair. (They'll get their vengence on the bullies without having to do a thing *insert evil grin here*)

My C has come back a summer adventure older, a few inches taller, a heck of a lot more freckle-faced, and more relaxed with who he is. He's just calmer and down right funnier. He seems to have lost a lot of that annoying kid that left my house on the second of July. (I can handle that) And gained a comfortableness with who he is. The best part is that he told me he's embraced being a "Gingy". My boy is growing up!


  1. He sounds like a great kid. Glad he had a good camp experience but sorry about that spider bite. Yikes!

  2. Poor guy, hopefully the spider bite clears off soon.
    Yep, I love redhair. Why doesnt school do anything about this bullying? Some people argue with me saying if there is no bulling, the kids would be too thin skinned and wouldnt be able to survive in real world when they walkout after their highschool.
    I dont think I would agree with that.

  3. @I"m Jennifer ~ He is a pretty great kid :D

    @meandmythinkingcap ~ The spider bite was cleared pretty much when he got home, it was the sunburn over it that made it look so bad. The problem was that the spider crawled under his watch. So he kept his watch off. Well that part of his skin had never tanned. So it got pretty burned. It's all healed over now. But I made him put the aloe vera stuff on every day.

    As for the bullying, the school is a joke. As well as the police on this one. They have lame courses but the kids get away with it. No bullying doesn't help them develop a thick skin. There is a difference between bullying and slight jabs (which are designed to help a person laugh at themselves). People who say that obviously have never been bullied.


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