Monday, August 22, 2011

Dinner and a Vagina :S

Every now and then the Hubs and I get to go out and hang out with another couple for supper. Of course all our kids are there, but it's still time out. The kids play with their kids, and we laugh it up. What I really enjoy is the cooking. No, not me cooking. The couple can cook up some awesome Thai food. It's spicy! I smell the food coming out of my pores for a good day or two. I feel the burn and go through half a jug of milk, a four litre jug, eating it. The first time, I had no milk and it burned so bad I was in tears. But I just couldn't stop eating the delicious cuisine. This time I came prepared.

What we didn't have last time was oysters because they were bad. This time it was all good and cooked up. The wife doesn't do oysters, not sure why now. But the guys enjoyed it. I wanted to try one. It was all good, up until I decided to look my oyster over. Then the words came out of my mouth, as my eyes popped out of my head, "it looks like a...." Jawed dropped. Now looking around the table. The woman's husband says, "yes, it looks like a vagina." The whole table started laughing at me. I still had no words. I looked it over some more. I was still curious as to what it tasted like. Needless to say I had to close my eyes and pretend it was something else than some "vagina" looking back at me.

The end result? Dinner was great! The conversation was awesome! I am never eating something that looks like a vagina again! Yikes!



  1. ha ha ha, that is too funny!
    my hubby likes eating super spicy food like that too :)

  2. Whoa. I never thought of them like that. Now I will.

  3. hahahaaha. Went to air and water show this weekend and one lady bent over to pick her panties to wear after her sunbath and everyone including me at the back exactly saw what you have in the picture.

  4. Never tried oysters and now i think I never will! :D


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