Thursday, August 11, 2011

Couponing....Just Not So Extreme.

Right now my 5 year old just brought me in the newspapers and saying, "ooo oooo ooo."  He has already passed me a wealth of coupon glory.  He is not sure what he's doing, just that I'm excited over this.

If you have seen the TLC show Extreme Couponing you know that couponing has become the latest craze to take television.  Rightly so.  Who doesn't love a good deal, and we all like to get things for free.  As a mother of four, one of them being a teen, things like food don't come cheap.  Our grocery bill runs us closer to $350 every two weeks.  That does not include the "extras" we pick up in between.  It is becoming costly to feed this brood.  What I don't intend to do though is build a whole room dedicated to a storage place for my couponing booty.  Nor do I intend to jump into garbage bins for paper with deals.  Not even buy things with coupons that I simply do not need nor consume.  That part of Extreme Couponing is the part that I could never understand and I felt was simply ridiculous.

I only started my hunt a few weeks ago, and the most I saved off of my bill was $15.00.  It isn't much, but that $15.00 definitely went towards the "extras".  I am disappointed though that a lot of the coupons are for products that I don't use.  I don't use Tide anymore as I find it makes my front loader smell like mildew.  I use Gain.  Still no coupons for that that I have seen.  I cannot stand the smell of Febreeze.  It's too perfumey and gives me a headache.  Are there any Glade coupons about?  Some seem silly, like the Gillette coupons.  You have to buy 3 of the product to get your $5 off.  I'm sorry, but you are aware that your razers are between $21-$25 for a set of four blades right?   So I'm supposed to spend close to $75 for $5 off?  Somehow I don't see how that adds up as a savings for me?  Sad to see that none of these coupons include just the blades.  It's only the razors themselves.  I have the razors.  I need blade replacements.  I would also love to see coupons for Degree deodorant or anti-perprant.  I use those.  I find nothing else works.  Also I'm not going to buy things I don't need just for the savings.  Especially since we cannot double up on coupons in Canada like they are able to do in the United States.  It makes couponing next to impossible which is probably why I never bothered before.

Well, if you have some hints that I need to make my Canadian couponing venture a more fruitful one, please share. I could use all the help I can get.  I do have some sites set up that are sending to me.  I find I catch them late though and miss the deals even with checking every day.

Happy Couponing!


  1. Oh, I am so with you! My four kids are CRAZY eaters. I've tried the coupon thing, but...I don't have time to do extreme couponing. And I agree about the brands. I go to Sam's Club every week to buy in bulk. Do you have a Sam's or Costco in Canada? Because it really is cheaper. Good luck, and if you find something amazing, please pass it on! I need all the help I can get :)

  2. My couponing philosophy is exactly the same as yours. If I don't need it, I'm not getting it just because I have a coupon. I will, however, always try to match up my coupons with weekly sales to get the lowest prices on items. But what really works best in terms of savings at the grocery store for us to shop at Wal-Mart and price match. Wal-Mart will match any advertised price on any product so you can basically get all the best local prices in one place if you're willing to shop at Wal-Mart.

  3. I'm totally with you here. I feel like on the show the majority of the stuff they're buying is stuff they don't need. I rarely find coupons for the things I use or need. The only good tip I have is probably something you already know, go to the manufacturers website before venturing out and see if they have online coupons for your stuff. Other than that, no stores in California double coupons and I think that's how a lot of the savings on those shows is done, but what the hell do I know, I shop at Walmart for my groceries cuz it's cheap :)

  4. We don't have a programme like that in the UK but I bet it won't be too long before we do. I am terrible with coupons, I always stick them our fridge and then forget to ever take it shopping with me and think ahhh next time!


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