Monday, July 11, 2011

What Do You Do When Your Child Breaks Something They Love? You Get Creative!

It all started back when I went to Kidsfest with the littles, E, A and L. We had a blast and I thought it would be awesome to let them get something each. E wanted a blow up guitar and A wanted the Dora wand. The best part was that it was only $10.00 for both of them. So with the saved money we went and got a bucket of mini-donuts. (Don't tell anyone, but I was going to get the mini-donuts even if the big balloon things cost more.)

After we arrived home C blew up the balloons and I waited for the first pop. I waited for the first screams of blame. The tears to flow into ponds, then rivers. For weeks nothing happened. Sure there were screams because one hit the other too hard with the toy. Or from someone having the toy the other one wanted at the moment. The balloons were still in pretty good shape. Then on Friday it happened. I wasn't sure what to do. She wanted this wand but the way it ripped, there was no patching it even if I did have a patch kit.

I deflated the rest of the balloon and laid it flat on the table. I was considering making the wand a pillow. I was sure I had enough material, but had no clue how I'd attack the bottom part. As a pillow it would also just be too big and awkward and look really odd.

I cut off the bottom and put it aside. I then went searching through my box of material for the best one to go with the balloon. I cut out the plastic piece you blow into, and the squeeker. Yes, it squeeked too. (I won't miss that part) It still didn't lie flat like I wanted, so I cut the purple back off and placed it on the material I found. I then took the balloon and used it to make a template to get the size and shape I need the material to be in.

I hand stitched the plastic to the first piece of material. The back showing through the front of the star. (I am not good at sewing and didn't want to use a machine on the plastic) After that was done, I sewed the second peice on, leaving a space to put in the stuffing. (I must say that I did a much better job sewing this together than I did my my bunnies.

This is the back of the finished pillow. My daughter was so excited throughout the whole process and into the stuffing. Squeeling "fluffy" the whole time. Driving me bonkers!

This is the front of the finished pillow. A was in love and so excited. E now wants a triangle pillow. A "big triangle" with zombies and lots of plants on it. I am also making a pillow for C's chair that he made in woodshop. So proud, it really is good.

I'd like to say thank you to Wendi Gratz over at Shiny Happy World without the techniques I learned in the Shiney Happy Bunny tutorial class I would not have had the confidence to even attempt this, nevermind using the sewing machine so that this took three days instead of three weeks. (It would have been two days, but I ran out of stuffing) Now A will have her Dora a little bit longer.

(note: don't stuff too much, the pulling of course pulls on the plastic and tears it. I had a small spot I had to fix)


  1. Wow, what a great idea! That is so nice for A! What a sweet Mama!

  2. Ok, coolest idea EVER! I love how out of the box you got and it turned out fabulous! Seriously, I'm impressed. Great job mama!

  3. What a great idea!! You did an amazing job!

  4. Ah, now I get it! It just dawned on me after reading the few sentences into your blog that, L.A.C.E is the first letter in each of your four children’s name! Gee, I’m a total idiot for not figuring this out earlier. Am I right? If not, I’ll feel like an even bigger moron.

  5. @Danna ~ TY :D She carries the pillow everywhere! No kidding. lol

    @An Irish Italian Blessing ~ TY. I thought it was a rockin' idea myself. Especially on the fly like that.

    @Jen ~ TY so much. It turned out better than I thought it would.

    @Diplo_Daddy ~ You are not an idiot or moron, just missed the post that I mentioned it ahaha. It is titled "What's In A Name". I'll try to find the post later and link it. Just on the run right now. Need to finish this Cedar bed lol

  6. I am really impressed. I'd never have thought to do that with a balloon. I've done that [o.k., my mom has done that] with the girl's outgrown t-shirts or sweaters, but this is great!


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