Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gardening With A & E Is NEVER Dull

I am still working on my area with the Cedars. With three children 5 and under, a house that needs cleaning daily and laundry that reproduces all by itself, my outside work definitely suffers the most. I do finally have the garden plot marked out with the black border. The siding along the fence (behind the cedars), is all done up to the composter. I have yet to get behind there. My cedars are all planted along the fence and the one at the front of the house. I have also changed what I planned on doing on the front of the cedars. My mother was getting rid of some lining brick/stones, whatever they are called, and I took them. I am not opposed to reusing, especially when it means I'll save money and it'll look nicer than I planned.

I have borrowed my parents edger to help get the straight line and have about half the bricks in. I finished off the edging to the fence on the other side of the yard so that all I have to do is get the remaining bricks in, hopefully tomorrow. That is the plan. Let's hope the weather and my children have the same one. I also did a lot of weeding in the yard and around the kids sandbox and in the basement window well. As well as turned the compost in the composter.

My beautiful children helped me with the edging. Of course, they didn't do much as there really wasn't much they could help with. Their excitement and wonder though made my job that much easier and more enjoyable. First it was the worms.

Oh the worms. They had to look at all the worms. First I was asked by E to kill it. I explained to him that I couldn't kill the worm because worms help the trees and others things that grow in mud, well, grow. That then got him to start making sure that I wasn't squishing the worms under my bricks. They kept saying, "here Wormy". "There is the baby worms!" "We are looking for the Daddy worm, that is the Mommy worm." At one point I did something and A jumped up screaming her face off and clung to my leg. I swear she tried clawing her way up my leg. I laughed so hard.

Then came the gross part. Yes, my dear friends you will get a visual. I saw the creepiest thing ever! I don't like spiders, yet for some reason they like me. They are gross, creepy and make my skin crawl. There was a time when I was pregnant with E. I think about 6 or 8 months and I went into the pantry and screamed bloody murder. I could have jumped out of my skin and swear I jumped a good five feet into the air. A giant feat at the size I was. I was screaming for my husband to get the giant spider that jumped out of the pantry at me. I tried showing him where it was, and all we could find was a giant piece of onion skin. Really? Onion skin? Yeah, I'm so scared of spiders even an onion could fool me.

Anyways, I had moved a brick to reposition it and out came this big spider. I'm scared of spiders biting, and little hands like to touch. My first words were look at this. My second, don't touch it it can bite you. As we looked we saw something crawling all over the back. As we looked some more it was many little things crawling all over the spiders back. EEW! Baby spiders riding the mommy spiders back! Something I could live without seeing again. Of course it's like a train wreck though. It's horrifying but you just can't look away. So, for your viewing pleasure and to figure out what kind of spider we saw. I searched and found this...

Of course A & E found the real life spider pretty awesome and the video even cooler. E wanted me to keep looking at videos are spiders. I could only do so many than I was creeped out and itching all over. Now to pass on the love. Loved that we could spend the time together. Who knew it would turn out to be educational.


  1. Wow, it sounds like such a nice time! My girls like to squeal and yell about the "buggies". Ha ha, they really do like helping and being a part of a project. Spiders like too but I tend to get bit by them, yuck. I totally would have freaked out with seeing the mama and her little babies, eek!

  2. I was totally just like that about worms! "Ew! Kill it!" "No! Wait! save every single one!"

  3. GROSS!!! I would've stomped on that nasty thing!

  4. I am totally going to have nightmares after even just scrolling past that video. I should have known what was coming and just stopped! Thanks for making my skin crawl :P

  5. Awesome! Would have like to seen them helping but can imagine. Didn't like the look of the spider though.

  6. That spider is terrifying! I couldn't watch it play as it would have given me nightmares forever! I am very scared of them, think it's all the legs!

  7. Ahhh....the spider story and picture (sorry I could not watch the video) have me itching all over! Yikes!

  8. I loved spiders in the UK because they eat other nasty bugs! We had a HUGE resident spider we named George who lived under our sofa!
    Living in the USA with spiders that can cause serious damage has changed my attitude! Now my reactions are more like yours!!! :)


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