Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally! The Stars And Planets Must Have Aligned Just For Me.

Phew! It was one seriously long day. I woke up with L and E in my bed. Both of them were raring to go at 7 am. (Guys, don't know if you know this, I am NOT a morning person) So I layed in bed, contemplating the day. I decided that I would take the help I asked for and get that cedar bed done once and for all. If you recall I've been trying to get this done since early spring. I wrote a whole post about my frustrations over this cedar bed here.

I dragged my butt out of bed, fed the kids and went to pick up my mom and my neice. My neice was an amazing help with A & E. I cannot wait until she's old enough, she's going to be the best babysitter. My mom watched L while I weeded the mess.

This is the garden that is growing lots and lots of weeds, and rain barrels. Oh, if you look in the corner there is my half dead rhubarb. Yeah, not sure how I accomplished that one. Probably because there is very little soil in there. It was doing better in the pot. This part is still unfinished. Since it is too late to plant anything this year I'm not too upset about it. I have plans to put a lot more soil in and prepare it for planting next spring.

This is just a portion of my weeded cedar bed. It took the whole morning to get this done. Halfway through I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I didn't think I'd ever complete that tedious task.

This is the same portion but finished! Yay! It has a layer of topsoil, a layer of peatmoss and then the midnight black cedar mulch. I love it! I was debating between the midnight black and the turqouise. I left the decision up to hubby. He picked the black. After further consideration I'm very happy he did.

Here is the other portion of the cedar bed. My mom helped me with all the layers as I really had no clue what I was doing. (My mom is the greataest!) This is the first time I planted anything outside of a vines in a pot. In my apartment. Oh wait, I planted roses at my old home and they lived. Oh yeah, I grow weeds real well as you can see from my first picture.

Here is my pride and joy! I love it so much. It looks so chic! I told my hubby tonight that I wanted to go live outside with my cedars. He chuckled. I don't think he realizes I was serious. I find myself checking it out every chance I get.


  1. Looks very nice! Will they take ages to grow? It does look like they'll be gorgeous when they're all done!

  2. Looks very nice! Will they take ages to grow? It does look like they'll be gorgeous when they're all done!

  3. Really nice job!

    We have black mulch, too, and I think it makes the greenery and all the colors pop.

    After several years of letting our yard go to hell, we [me, the husband, the girl, my mom, my dad and my sister] spent 3 or 4 days digging up and moving every. single. plant. all around the entire perimeter of my house. It looks great, but I still need to do the backyard. At some point.

    I hate weeding.

  4. Wow! You guys did a great job! It looks awesome!

  5. Great job! I'm jealous. I got no yard.


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