Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And I've Got Nothing :S

Really, it's empty. There is so much swirling up there, that it's empty. I cannot possibly write it all down because by the time I get to it, I forgot what I wanted to write.

This is your brain...

This is your brain on four children...

Wonder why Michelle Duggar has her older kids paired up with the younger children? Take another look at the brain on four children above. Now multiply that by how many other kids she has. The woman could not possibly function without the help. Plus it is a great form of birth control for the older ones. Truly. I know. My eldest has already told me he's never having children. At least not until he's much much older. (insert evil smirk here)

My children are driving me batty lately. My daughter has become more and more defiant, but extremely needy. I'm trying to be more consistent, yet, she finds ways. She's a sneaky little dudette. She waits until I am busy with L, nursing, or feeding. Or wait for it, in the bathroom. Then she takes off out of the house. Whenever, it is time to come in the house, she runs down the street so I have to run after her. She's screaming "No", while L laughs his arse off as I book it after her with him in a football hold. Today she told me she was gonna punch me and spit on my couch. Nice. I'm trying to spend a little more time with her. It's really hard as L is still pretty needy being only seven months old.

E is just whiney. Cries at the drop of a hat. Continually cries as as his sister beats him up. He is really helpful when she is being crazy. He's been helping clean up without me asking too which is nice. He talks a lot about his imaginary friend Nicolae. That is a whole post on it's own. He comes up with the craziest things though. Today he told me, "I'm gonna get married at 17 and then have facebook." I'm not sure what being married and facebook have to do with each other, but waiting until he's 17 to use it works for me. When asked what he was going to be when he grows up a few weeks ago, he told us, "I'm gonna grow up." Well then, that is great. Not totally sure what else that includes, but we were not getting anymore information out of him as he changed the subject.

L is just cranky. He's doing well playing on his own for longer periods. He's just not happy. I'm not sure if he's teething or not. No teeth anyways. Yes, he still looks like an old man, all gums. Not sure if you all remember but we went to the Children Hospital to get an EEG done. The doctor called yesterday and gave us the DL on that one. Apparently they are rated 0-5. 0 the best, 5 the worst. L was at a 1. The pediatrician said that he was abnormal. They saw some clouding over, but they were not sure if it was because he was so drowsy or not. Okay, well they were the ones that wanted me to keep the kid awake and him that tired. 1 obviously is not good, but they did not see any epileptic happenings so that is good. Seeing as it does run in the family they want me to keep an eye on him. If things happen more frequently again, I'm to inform the pediatrician and we'd get him in to get tested again. I'm happy to note that there has been nothing that I have noticed since a week before the test.

As for me, I'm just trying to stay offline more, get rest and spend more time with the kidlets outside in the great weather. My bid to tame A and her temperment. And quite possibly my own. Still trying to figure out how this new attempt on my part is making me even more tired than before. I think the brain on four children needs to be revamped. It's simply not crazy enough for this household.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Can Be A Total PITA... But My Life Is Less Without You

My eldest has been gone for a while now. Technically since the second of July. We are into our third week. The first week he was visiting his father. Which is our typical summer arrangement. Two weeks during the first halves of July and August. C is getting older now and his summers are becoming more his and less ours. Two weeks took me a long time to get used to. The first summer of this arrangement I spent many of those nights sleeping in his bed, cuddled in next to his baby blanket. I think this is the first year that I haven't spent at least one night in his absence in there. (to be honest the room is such a pigsty I cannot even find the bed)

Last year was his first year where he spent a good month away from us. He joined the Army Cadets the moment he turned twelve years old. That summer he got selected to go to camp for two weeks. Out of province! Two weeks away in the same city is one thing, but Provinces away is a whole new can of worms this overprotective mamma was not ready for. He called twice, and it made me feel so much better. So the first week was with his Dad, two weeks was his first of many steps into becoming a man, while the last week was with us. This year he got picked again to go to camp. This time it was for three weeks. So a whole month without my son. It will end up being pretty much a whole month and a half. I get him for a day or two in between. I also have not heard from him at all. We were supposed to be in another Province ourselves for holidays right now. So we never saw him off. My parents did. But situations changed and here we are.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about his absense. Whether it be Cadet camp or some other avenue he will end up exploring. My baby is becoming a man. He is headed to highschool in the fall. He no longer needs me to tie his shoes, comb his hair, tuck him in at night, and all the other things Mom's do. This doesn't mean he doesn't need me. My role has just changed slightly and he needs me less. In his absense I also noticed that he does do a lot around here. It may not be in the way I like it or in my timing, but it was helpful never-the-less. His chores are the kitchen and garbage. Now it is left up to me. It doesn't matter if I cooked, I still have to clean it. There is no one here to mind the children while I have a quick shower, or put the folded laundry away. Heck, even run to the store.

I know that when he gets back it'll feel like he never left and I'll be saying that I cannot wait until he's asleep or something to make me less frustrated. I do hope that I'll be able to remember how it feels right now. Without him here. That I can be a little less frustrated with his slowness. With the way he does something. To be patient in my wait for his hilarious funny moments where he's just being himself and not trying to be funny. To chill on my critical voice when I explain to him the umpteenth time how to sweep a floor properly. Or that the kitchen table still has tiny tomato fingerprints on it.

I hope to remember that he may act like a total PITA, but he's my PITA and my life would be significantly less without him.

What people don't know, is he was the reason I fought through many of my early stuff. I wasn't this gifting, loving person before. I was angry, beaten down, tired, a user. Then I had him and my life changed. Slowly, but it did. He was my first step toward living my life. The life I was so jealous of everyone else having. He taught me how to be selfless and put somebody else first. I sacrificed much of myself as a single mom. I know this sacrifice continually helps me today in my marriage and with my other kids. I so can't wait to see my boy and hear about his adventures at camp.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Bunny Came My Way and I Gifted Him Away..

I am so sad to see this one go. I really love the way he turned out. My husband helped me with some decisions on the embelishment placement. I know his knew home will appreciate him. Can you guess what age the child has just turned?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silent Sunday

It's a bit late as Sunday is almost over. But I had to share. This is Sunset out my backdoor all Summer long. I love where I live on evenings like these.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finally! The Stars And Planets Must Have Aligned Just For Me.

Phew! It was one seriously long day. I woke up with L and E in my bed. Both of them were raring to go at 7 am. (Guys, don't know if you know this, I am NOT a morning person) So I layed in bed, contemplating the day. I decided that I would take the help I asked for and get that cedar bed done once and for all. If you recall I've been trying to get this done since early spring. I wrote a whole post about my frustrations over this cedar bed here.

I dragged my butt out of bed, fed the kids and went to pick up my mom and my neice. My neice was an amazing help with A & E. I cannot wait until she's old enough, she's going to be the best babysitter. My mom watched L while I weeded the mess.

This is the garden that is growing lots and lots of weeds, and rain barrels. Oh, if you look in the corner there is my half dead rhubarb. Yeah, not sure how I accomplished that one. Probably because there is very little soil in there. It was doing better in the pot. This part is still unfinished. Since it is too late to plant anything this year I'm not too upset about it. I have plans to put a lot more soil in and prepare it for planting next spring.

This is just a portion of my weeded cedar bed. It took the whole morning to get this done. Halfway through I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I didn't think I'd ever complete that tedious task.

This is the same portion but finished! Yay! It has a layer of topsoil, a layer of peatmoss and then the midnight black cedar mulch. I love it! I was debating between the midnight black and the turqouise. I left the decision up to hubby. He picked the black. After further consideration I'm very happy he did.

Here is the other portion of the cedar bed. My mom helped me with all the layers as I really had no clue what I was doing. (My mom is the greataest!) This is the first time I planted anything outside of a vines in a pot. In my apartment. Oh wait, I planted roses at my old home and they lived. Oh yeah, I grow weeds real well as you can see from my first picture.

Here is my pride and joy! I love it so much. It looks so chic! I told my hubby tonight that I wanted to go live outside with my cedars. He chuckled. I don't think he realizes I was serious. I find myself checking it out every chance I get.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What Do You Do When Your Child Breaks Something They Love? You Get Creative!

It all started back when I went to Kidsfest with the littles, E, A and L. We had a blast and I thought it would be awesome to let them get something each. E wanted a blow up guitar and A wanted the Dora wand. The best part was that it was only $10.00 for both of them. So with the saved money we went and got a bucket of mini-donuts. (Don't tell anyone, but I was going to get the mini-donuts even if the big balloon things cost more.)

After we arrived home C blew up the balloons and I waited for the first pop. I waited for the first screams of blame. The tears to flow into ponds, then rivers. For weeks nothing happened. Sure there were screams because one hit the other too hard with the toy. Or from someone having the toy the other one wanted at the moment. The balloons were still in pretty good shape. Then on Friday it happened. I wasn't sure what to do. She wanted this wand but the way it ripped, there was no patching it even if I did have a patch kit.

I deflated the rest of the balloon and laid it flat on the table. I was considering making the wand a pillow. I was sure I had enough material, but had no clue how I'd attack the bottom part. As a pillow it would also just be too big and awkward and look really odd.

I cut off the bottom and put it aside. I then went searching through my box of material for the best one to go with the balloon. I cut out the plastic piece you blow into, and the squeeker. Yes, it squeeked too. (I won't miss that part) It still didn't lie flat like I wanted, so I cut the purple back off and placed it on the material I found. I then took the balloon and used it to make a template to get the size and shape I need the material to be in.

I hand stitched the plastic to the first piece of material. The back showing through the front of the star. (I am not good at sewing and didn't want to use a machine on the plastic) After that was done, I sewed the second peice on, leaving a space to put in the stuffing. (I must say that I did a much better job sewing this together than I did my my bunnies.

This is the back of the finished pillow. My daughter was so excited throughout the whole process and into the stuffing. Squeeling "fluffy" the whole time. Driving me bonkers!

This is the front of the finished pillow. A was in love and so excited. E now wants a triangle pillow. A "big triangle" with zombies and lots of plants on it. I am also making a pillow for C's chair that he made in woodshop. So proud, it really is good.

I'd like to say thank you to Wendi Gratz over at Shiny Happy World without the techniques I learned in the Shiney Happy Bunny tutorial class I would not have had the confidence to even attempt this, nevermind using the sewing machine so that this took three days instead of three weeks. (It would have been two days, but I ran out of stuffing) Now A will have her Dora a little bit longer.

(note: don't stuff too much, the pulling of course pulls on the plastic and tears it. I had a small spot I had to fix)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gardening With A & E Is NEVER Dull

I am still working on my area with the Cedars. With three children 5 and under, a house that needs cleaning daily and laundry that reproduces all by itself, my outside work definitely suffers the most. I do finally have the garden plot marked out with the black border. The siding along the fence (behind the cedars), is all done up to the composter. I have yet to get behind there. My cedars are all planted along the fence and the one at the front of the house. I have also changed what I planned on doing on the front of the cedars. My mother was getting rid of some lining brick/stones, whatever they are called, and I took them. I am not opposed to reusing, especially when it means I'll save money and it'll look nicer than I planned.

I have borrowed my parents edger to help get the straight line and have about half the bricks in. I finished off the edging to the fence on the other side of the yard so that all I have to do is get the remaining bricks in, hopefully tomorrow. That is the plan. Let's hope the weather and my children have the same one. I also did a lot of weeding in the yard and around the kids sandbox and in the basement window well. As well as turned the compost in the composter.

My beautiful children helped me with the edging. Of course, they didn't do much as there really wasn't much they could help with. Their excitement and wonder though made my job that much easier and more enjoyable. First it was the worms.

Oh the worms. They had to look at all the worms. First I was asked by E to kill it. I explained to him that I couldn't kill the worm because worms help the trees and others things that grow in mud, well, grow. That then got him to start making sure that I wasn't squishing the worms under my bricks. They kept saying, "here Wormy". "There is the baby worms!" "We are looking for the Daddy worm, that is the Mommy worm." At one point I did something and A jumped up screaming her face off and clung to my leg. I swear she tried clawing her way up my leg. I laughed so hard.

Then came the gross part. Yes, my dear friends you will get a visual. I saw the creepiest thing ever! I don't like spiders, yet for some reason they like me. They are gross, creepy and make my skin crawl. There was a time when I was pregnant with E. I think about 6 or 8 months and I went into the pantry and screamed bloody murder. I could have jumped out of my skin and swear I jumped a good five feet into the air. A giant feat at the size I was. I was screaming for my husband to get the giant spider that jumped out of the pantry at me. I tried showing him where it was, and all we could find was a giant piece of onion skin. Really? Onion skin? Yeah, I'm so scared of spiders even an onion could fool me.

Anyways, I had moved a brick to reposition it and out came this big spider. I'm scared of spiders biting, and little hands like to touch. My first words were look at this. My second, don't touch it it can bite you. As we looked we saw something crawling all over the back. As we looked some more it was many little things crawling all over the spiders back. EEW! Baby spiders riding the mommy spiders back! Something I could live without seeing again. Of course it's like a train wreck though. It's horrifying but you just can't look away. So, for your viewing pleasure and to figure out what kind of spider we saw. I searched and found this...

Of course A & E found the real life spider pretty awesome and the video even cooler. E wanted me to keep looking at videos are spiders. I could only do so many than I was creeped out and itching all over. Now to pass on the love. Loved that we could spend the time together. Who knew it would turn out to be educational.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writer's Workshop: Your Parenting Picks My Butt!

This is my first time joining Mama Kat's Writing Workshop I have seen others do it and have always been intrigued, but never made the time to do it. Seeing as I am supposed to be doing this blog for me, I thought why not do something I like and give me something to write about improve my writing skills.

The Prompts

1) Describe a memorable first date.
2) Write about a child you find inspiring.
3) What do you find most challenging about blogging?
4) Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids. Go on... stire the pot.
5) We often spend time and energy talking about people in our lives we don't see enough of. Describe a person in your life you are in contact with often. What does he/she mean to you?
6) If you could thank your mom for anything, what would it be? Create a video thanking her for something.

I chose 4) Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids.

I am taking the time to do what I try not to do in people's faces. I myself have been confronted by those nosey parents who think they know the best about the way I raise My children.

Exhibit A: When my eldest got bullied, there was yet another incident. I ended up pulling him out of school. I told the vice-principal that those kids were lucky I teach my children to be passive and walk away, because if it was me in that situation I would have beat the kid with his own crutch. By her expression, it was an inappropriate comment and more so in front of my son.

Exhibit B: When my daughter was playing with the gas tank of another vehicle and I snapped at her to stay away from the car. A woman had the nerve to tell me that my child would listen if I wasn't such a bully. I was the mom and should know better. (LIke wtf?) Then she jumped in the passenger side of her vehicle as the driver squealed away. Really it did happen. I was trying to get three children under the age of five in a car with no one losing a limb or life.

Exhibit C: When a woman yelled at me from her vehicle in a parking lot to put socks on my baby's feet, because she'd get sick. I yelled back for her to worry about raising her own children and let me raise mine.

I swear I run in to all the crazies when I leave my house. I need to stay inside more often. So now it is my turn. I have A LOT I would love to say to people about how they raise their spawn angels. Yet, at the risk of sounding like an over bearing know-it-all I don't. Here is my chance! Remember, Mama Kat told me so. (Gotta blame someone if I get yelled at for this)

When I worked in fast food, I was a single mom raising my now 13 year old. I detested working lunch rush and dinner rush. It wasn't the regular people. It was those Moms who allowed their kids to climb. on. everything. Then they'd say (when they finally did notice), "oh sweetheart, please don't do that". In the most sickening syrupy voice ever. These snot nosed beasts would be obnoxious. Climbing over the parent, mashing their face all over the display case. Listen lady if your kid is acting like that I guarantee those are not clean hands or noses making marks on glass that has REAL food on the other side of it. EWW! I've seen kids hit, smack and spit at the parent while they continue to say things sweetly. I know they say you get better results with honey than you do vinegar. But children are like animals! Even a dog owner puts vinegar on the spot the dog peed on so the dog won't go back to it and pee again. The dog owner knows that the dog doesn't like the smell of vinegar. Do something your child won't like. Like if Little Johnny decides to throw himself on the ground because McDonald's doesn't have the toy he wants in. Don't make the poor person go to the back of the store and search through boxes looking for the perfect toy for Little Johnny, and hold up the long frustrated line behind you. Tell your kid to put up or you are leaving and the food can stay right where it is in the store. I guarantee you that even if your child gets louder as you walk out the door, that long line of people will secretly be cheering you on in their heads. YOU ARE THE PARENT. NOT YOUR KIDS FRIEND!

And one more thing, to the couple a few weeks ago in the Shopper's Drug Mart. You are raising criminals! I was ready to smack you two upside the head. You two walked around the store with your heads in the clouds, getting what you needed while your children ran through the store like a couple of hooligans. They were loud and running full speed. The store employees are not there to clean up after your kids, nor are they there to babysit. Trust me, they don't get paid enough for that. Then, as you left, you walked out before your children. They were still running around in the store. Finally when they saw you leave they literally bolted through the sliding door. You stood outside the store as your son didn't wait for the sliding door, to open, but instead forced his way right through it. This popped the door off of it's hinge. Then you stood there and watched as your two children laughed at what they had just done. You didn't come in to see the damage or appologize to the employees at the store for your children's behaviour. Heck you didn't even discipline your kids for acting in the manner they did. Thankfully Shopper's Drug Mart has a door that has a type of fail safe that just pops the door, although it requires a lot of force. If that was not there your child could have been seriously injured. If they cannot respect the store they are in, nor act like civilized children, do you really expect them to be law abiding citizens when they are older? No. I think not. So couple with the hooligan kids. Smarten up and I don't know, maybe try a stern tone of voice and threaten to beat them with a really large stick. A Baseball bat will do.
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