Monday, June 27, 2011

Winnipeggers Support Your Local Business Woman/Man ~ Covet Designs

Winnipeggers who love to support their local business people this post is for you!  Those who love beautiful things, this is for you too!

Last week I had to take my youngest in to the children's hospital to get an EEG done, and while waiting my mother and I had the chance to check out a few venders inside the corridor of the main hospital the Health Sciences Center.  We saw a few, but three caught my eye.  One didn't have a website.  I bought a ring from another. Then I came upon one and I wanted all the bracelets and necklaces she had. I asked if she had a website and was pleased to hear she did!  Plus I was given a business card.  As my mother and I were about to leave, the owner of Covet Designs , Tannis Wilson came over and we had a lovely conversation.

Covet Designs

I absolutely love her necklaces, and quite honestly her website doesn't do it justice.  You will find a few samplings of what she has on display.  However, to see the true beauty of all her pieces you NEED to find out where she is and get there and take a gander.  She is also really personable and nice to talk to.  Which, when it comes to purchasing a product (at least for me), is very important.

Unfortunately, right now since my children are so small if I buy a necklace they will rip it from my neck.  The bracelet would end up in pieces on the floor. (My daughter can break anything)  So I didn't buy anything that day.  I wanted to so badly.  So, because I can't support my local business by buying their product (at the moment.  I WILL find something I can wear), I figured the next best thing was spread the word about the awesomeness that is Covet Designs.

On her page Tannis has a listing for the year of where she will be selling her local wares.  So you will never be wondering where you can find her next.  If for some reason you cannot make it out to even one of those places, Tannis also has several retail outlets that carry her designs.


Great Finds (Southdale Shopping Centre)
Artifacts (Johnson Terminal at The Forks)
Cozy Cuts (1749 Ness Ave)

Covet Designs can also be found in eight different retail outlets from British Columbia to Ontario.  There are two locations outside Canada in North Dakota as well.

So really, in the grand scheme of things there is no reason NOT to support local when there are many ways available.  If you are not into jewelery, I guarantee you know someone who does.  These pieces of art make fabulous gifts.

(Disclaimer: I have not received any payment or product for my promotion of this local business.  I did this because I believe in the product I had seen and believe in supporting businesses in my community.)


  1. Excellent. I am all about small business.

  2. Super pretty. I'll check ou her page. I hope she does the st Norberts farmers market, I love the farmers market vedors.

  3. That's awesome! I love finding gems like that and totally agree with supporting them.

  4. I make shopping local a part of my life as well. You know where I live so that makes it easy also. Older neighborhoods always have small corner convience store's and my favorite is the CO Op hardware store. Everyone there is willing to help you problem solve and come up with a great game plan to tackle what ever project it is you have on the go from planting grass to changing door handle's. The bonus I find is that unlike the Big Box stores they are not just trying to move you along. I lecture my husband all the time how unreasonable it is to drive to to the huge grocery store 5 blocks away when we have one just around the corner who's lemons are just as fresh. Big deal if it is 10 cents more. We did not pay for gas, pollute the enviorment getting there and we supported the people living in our own community. If we don't continue to support these people they will no longer be here which may not directly impact us but it will impact those who can not access those big box stores.
    I love your BLOG, you have such talent and brains woman...Keep it up! lol You always seem to write about the things I think about.

  5. They are really pretty! It's good that she has her own business website. In that way, it would be easier for him to market her goods and it would be easier for her clients (like you) to refer them. Supporting local businesses helps a lot in maintaining economic stability in every county or town. And everyone would benefit from it later.

  6. I was really having a bad day today, then I stumbled upon this post. Thank you so much for your kind words and all of your support of local products. Please come see me any time, I am always up for a good chat. I will try to update the webpage ;) I have some fun new designs.

    Covet Designs


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