Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why I'm So Glad I No Longer Work in Retail (except this is funny!)

Our XBOX is dying. This is a bad thing. Why? Because we are using Netflix on it. Why not the apple tv we have? Because that is going upstairs in our room so I can watch Netflix up there. Yes, I'm a greedy bitch. I need my Netflix streaming to me from the two rooms of my house that I use the most. My great room and my bedroom. Not really my fault. My husband introduced me to these advances in technology knowing my addiction to television.

Well, now our XBOX needs to update, without the update we cannot get on to xbox live. No xbox live no Netflix, no online gaming for the teen. Being completely selfish I'm more concerned about the no Netflix than I am about the online games.

(Writing this post Hubby is updating Netflix. Flipping through the movies, he says, "Prehistoric Breasts". Acting like this is normal, he moves on. I, being the dutiful wife correct him and say, "that says Prehistoric Beasts". Man life with this man is never dull and always sexually charged lol)

Anyhoo, it won't update, we keep getting Error code E66. Noooooo! The kids start complaining because they cannot access their games. This is also an annoyance. We need a new XBOX and fast.

We went a week without our XBOX live (regular games work), it sucked. Crankiness ensued. What? I work for a living too, I earned the right to be cranky over silly things like game consoles and no television. Tonight we came into money and decided to replace the XBOX. My hubby being the funny man he is wanted to shock the cashier as we were paying for it in cash. He was looking for shocking and witty. Well, not what he was going to say, but it worked. I wish I had a camera.

Cashier takes the XBOX and rings it in.

Hubby: "So, we can pay for this in pennies?"

Cashier's draw drops. Time stops. It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

Hubby: "I'm just kidding".

Cashier closes mouth and regains composure.

Why was this so funny? The person in line before us used a whole heck of a lot of change to pay for something and she spent at least five minutes counting it out. lol

(Disclaimer: I appologize if you didn't find this as funny as I do. I'm not a comedian and I really suck at telling jokes. ok, carry on.)


  1. It's totally funny! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Funny! My Hubby loves to mess with people like that too. Cute.

  3. So glad I'm not the only one that would die without our xbox. :)

  4. LOL no seriously, I laughed out loud. This post was most excellent. Really you had me at "Prehistoric Breasts" But the paying in pennies was awesome!

  5. Well I know you'd go into withdrawals at my house because we only watch T.V. with the dvd. I have been thinking about getting a Wii though. I thought your story was funny!

  6. Well I find this super funny as I know your hubby very well(being friends with him for as long as I have been friends with him)I was always laughing when we were growing up together because he has done things like that for as long as I can remember. And I can just his face as he said it... dead serious!!! Its nice to know he hasnt changed much!!


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