Friday, June 24, 2011

"What I Love About Me" Blog Hop

So I am linking up with the "What I Love About Me" Blog Hop hosted by Twins Plus One, Three Times The Fun and Twingle Mommy! Each of these lovely ladies has the link up and the guidelines on their page.


So what do I love about me?

I love that I really enjoy putting my kids to bed.  I mean, yes, what worn out mommy wouldn't enjoy putting their children to bed.  For me though it's the few moments I get them alone.  As much as I want to dash down the stairs and enjoy some me time.  I love that I love taking the time to do individual bedtimes.

 I put my daughter down first, sometimes I sing some silly songs or just read a book.  Occassionally we talk about something that happened that day.  And we almost always say "Good night Moon.  Good night Stars.  Good night Everybody."  For my son, he gets his own time with me reading a book, sometimes I sing it.  Then we talk about  something in his day.

We are always crammed together with noise and every one wanting something.  Lots of pushing and pulling.  I love that I am creating this small moment with my kids.  It means I'm pushing past my wants and giving them something special that they will hopefully pass on to their Littles.

I miss that time with my teen.  But rest assured he got this special mommy time too :D


  1. I love that time with my kids too! It never seems to fail that even if we had a terrible day, it all winds down nicely during our bedtime routine and everyone gets to bed happy. :)

    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. New follower from this blog hop. I love bedtime routine with my son as well.

    Be sure to check out my blog and my current giveaway.

  3. Awww I Love this Post and I love that you love your bedtime routine with your littles. Putting them first and enjoying those special moments together are the ones that make life what it's all about!


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