Friday, June 24, 2011

Snub Etiquette (a.k.a. You Would Know If I Snubbed You)

Oh life, how wonderful you can be. You turn a sober day into a very laughable one. It was a pretty good day. It was warm and beautiful. L had his EEG today. I had to keep him awake until it was time to do whatever it is they do. So my mom had come along to keep him awake in the car. Oh he was so mad. (chuckle) While we waited we went to the venders and bought some things. Chatted with another cool lady, then returned to see if all was well with the babe.

Then it happened. Someone from my past walked by. I didn't recognize them at first. As they walked by they smiled, I smiled back and then I realized who I was smiling at. I watched as they continued down the hall and around the corner. I thought to myself, darn if I knew who it was I would have ignored them.

Later that day I found out that they have been going around saying I snubbed them.

Here is some Snub Etiquette for you:

**** In order to recieve a snub you would have to do something like stick your nose where it doesn't belong. Threaten a person's future employment or threaten to have their children removed from them. I'm sure there are more but three is a good start ****

If you are not sure how to recognize a legitimate snub here are some scenarios:

(Scenario 1) You smile at a person.

Non-snub: the person smiles back as you walk by.

Snub: the person looks at you straight in the eye. Clenches jaw, glares directly at you and turns their back on you ensuring you see the snub.

(Scenario 2) You wave at a person.

Non-snub: they smile and wave back

Snub: they flip you the bird and mouth obscenities.

(Scenario 3) You approach the person and say "Hello".

Non-snub: they say hi, smile, maybe a hug and engage you in pleasant heart warming conversation.

Snub: they can chose either of the scenario's above or my favorite, tell you exactly where to go.

The great thing about this last scenario is that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for one to mistake the snub for exactly what it is.

So please, let me set the record straight. If I snubbed you I would have looked at you in the face, then turned my back on you with intent. You would not see a smile on my face or any acknowledgemet other than a cold hard look that says, "*censored*". If you then attempted contact I would jump straight to scenario 3, no holds barred. Because that's how I roll. Next time, approach me, then you'll be telling the truth when you cry "snub!"

*Side note* I totally laughed about this situation when I heard about it. Here I was worried i had nothing to post about.


  1. People are so strange, aren't they? I just don't understand people sometimes. You obviously smiled back, maybe they just needed something to complain about. I love your scenarios, ha ha!
    I hope that everything is okay with L.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh you have no idea. Hence the "past" part hahaha. As for L, I think so. We'll know in about two weeks. You have a great weekend as well :D

  3. lol, people can be so damn sensitive! What the hell did they expect, you to drop everything and run and hug some STRANGER you obviously didn't recognize? Oh goodness, I'm with you, someone would definitely know if I snubbed them, I'm a pretty obvious snubber :)


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