Monday, June 13, 2011

It All Begins To Wind Down Before It Throws You A Sucker Punch

Phew! Where on earth did this year go? Last summer was all about getting C ready for his last year of junior high school and through his first year of Cadet camp. Him being three provinces away was harder on me than him I'm sure. Two weeks away and he appeared to come back older, stronger, and a little bit snottier. (The last part, could simply just be age) E was being prepped for preschool. We HAD to get him potty trained before preschool. Just weeks before entering into pre-K our baby finally became consistent and joined the rank "Big Boy". He has grown leaps and bounds through REFENS . His teacher is phenomenal and I feel very blessed that I was guided to her door through a dear co-worker. Kids just flock to this teacher. My A is mesmerized by her. I cannot wait to enroll her next year. (This coming year is too soon for my little hurricane.)

Cadets held their annual windup yesterday. Showing off their unit to the parents. The drill team did awesome! Many won medals, plaques and mentions. C looked like such a young man in his uniform. I was one proud Mamma! One more day of Cadets and C is on stand-by until he leaves for camp again, for three weeks this time. I think the hardest this year will be for my E who looks up to his big brother.

E has about four more days of preschool. I'm an emotional mess. I think I've become more attached to his teacher than he has. He has learned some French and can sing our whole National Anthem in French. Bravo! We have gone to the last two turn outs with the preschool. The Farm and Kidsfest. The final is a little do at the preschool next week. Because they are located in a school, they begin the year a week after school begins and end a week earlier than school ends. E's soccer also ends in about four weeks time.

No more hustle and bustle for us. Lazy days from here on in. Not really. They are used to the chaos and want more, so I'll have to get inventive. (the sucker punch) However, there will be no rush unless I say so. No more interrupted naps, unless I've planned them. If we're lucky, less rain and more sunshine to ride our bikes in.

For me, hopefully this means time for the projects jossling in my head and more time to read the blogs on my list that I haven't had time for in the last two weeks.

I hope you all have a glorious summer!


  1. You are ALWAYS busy!! I don't know how on earth you find time to do anything, geesh! Good Luck with your upcoming schedule, I hope you get some relax time soon :)

  2. Such is life,one got to be busy,and the year is running so fast almost coming to an end.I hope you and your baby are doing great.Wishing you a beautiful week.

  3. I am returning the follow. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  4. Good luck with everything, you are busy! I am visiting from Tiggerific Tuesday Blog hop and am now following you! You can find me at I hope you have a happy Tuesday!

  5. Following from the Tiggerific Tuesday! Blog Hop...or Bounce!

    I hope you will follow me back!


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