Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hmmmm... Tired Of The Same Old And Looking For Change

Well it's no secret to all that live with me, I don't like things staying the same for long. Similar maybe, but not the same forever. when I was little my mom moved the furniture all. the. time. She still tells the story of the day my Dad came home from work and went to sit in his favorite recliner (you know the stereotypical bulky black chair with the duct tape on the arm), only to fall on the floor where his chair once was. After that, my Dad made sure to survey his surroundings each time he came in the house.

I caught the moving bug and would change my room around constantly. When I moved into my own apartment as a single mom, things changed monthly, sometimes weekly. I loved it. I changed things around with the seasons, the weather and my mood. Then I met my husband and got married. The moving bug is still there, I'm just NOT allowed to utilize it with my furniture anymore. There is a reason for it. It's not like he also tells me what to wear. My husband has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH). His vision is 200/20. This means that even the coffee table being out an inch he is walking into it. Love him to death, but his disability is cramping my need to control portions of my environment. I NEED to change something. Seeing as I'm too stressed and busy from raising a brood of four, my blog seems like the most natural place to do it.

I see all these cool banners on the blogs I'm visiting. Like 3 Pink Cupcakes Here. Girlfriends are like shoes Here. Another one is Coffee Loving Mom here. As well as Tales of a Ranting Ginger here.

There are many many more. They have their own personality. My blog has bloggers personality. Sure, I picked the picture in the background, it's just not the same. This is will mark the second time I change my background. If I do. Which I deperately want to. I just don't know where on earth these ladies got their awesome blog banners from. If they did it themselves or through a free program.

Please fellow bloggers help this control freak control the only place she has left in her whole universe to control. I'd beg on hands and knees, but too many of you have dirty minds and it would just look wrong (takes a dirty mind to know one ;D )


  1. My family is the same way! It runs in the blood of women. I changed my blogskin yesterday because the itch for a new look was fierce...I'm sure I'll change it again in a month or so :)

  2. @ Nicole J @ Knocked Up : I know. Your latest change put me over the edge. Now I NEED to change it lol Where did you find the person in your Title? I think it's so cute. Is there a site for this?

  3. Change is good! I change the color of my blog background often. And moving furniture is a LOT of work!

  4. Oooh, I just had a happy thought! Pictures on the walls! They won't cause Hubby distress and you can move them as you wish. Maybe a great big wall hanging that you can pin pictures to and change each time the urge hits?

    And have you tried
    Many pretties there. :-)


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