Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, You Feel Like Monday.

Dear Friday,

Just in case you are interested. Even if you are not. I am not pleased with you today. You came up on me way too fast. You started at Midnight and kept my husband up all night. At 7am he was forced to wake me from a much needed sleep and ask me to drive him to work. At 7:15am my cell phone rang with my teen asking if my husband left his lunch at home. Friday you know darn well that it was too late to turn around and retreive that lunch. I gave my lunch money to him.

The drive back home was slow and tiring. Once home I found two toddlers up and lazing on the couch. The teen was on his computer answering email? Really? The most I ever did in the mornings was lie around in my clothes until I HAD to drag myself to school. Friday, emails are NOT to be read before school.

The teen then asked me how to reply to the email. What? Are we NOT in the age where even the dog gets their own twitter account? My teen refuses to let me see his email so that I can show him how to do it. He wants me to just tell him. Sorry kid, I need to see what I am doing. Walk myself through it at the same time I'm explaining it. For computers and a few other things, that is how my brain works. I grabbed the computer and showed him. It was an email from his Dad. From his home business that he has told the judge in countless court appearances that he doesn't make any money with. (Sorry you lying fak, I'm not stupid. I just have no way to prove how much you make. Don't care anymore. Enjoy your LEGAL DEADBEAT DAD status. I only have four more years of this bullshit and I can finally be done with your sorry arse) Friday, see now look at what you have done. There are other things I can go on a tangent about and you find this. To top it off. The teen got mad at me because I took his computer and showed him as opposed to telling him. He told me that other people can just tell him and pretty much insulted my intelligence. Friday, you are an arsehole for reminding me how spoiled, ungrateful and snotty teens are. Well Friday, here's one back at you. He asked me for further help and I told him to figure it out by himself. Also, both you and teen forgot that I have access to teens email account. I can read what I want, when I want. Also I am married to the ruler of access to the internet connection. If I say to cut off access, the ruler will grant this Queens wish. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

Friday, I am tired of being made to feel like my sole purpose in life is to ruin my children's. Especially since I ALWAYS put their needs first and ALWAYS put mine second. I'm tired of living my life around a now ungrateful teen. I'm tired of being afraid that my ex (I think it's interesting that out of all my past relationships he is the only one I call my ex. The other's I call old boyfriends), will take me to court and attempt to use anything and everything against me to take the child that I have spent 13 years nursing through fevers and colds. That I've clothed, fed and spent countless hours driving him to and from Cadets and sewing on badges. Gone to school to fight for him over bullying and other things. I'm tired of living under an old threat. Friday, on second thought maybe this morning was good for me. Today I'm throwing caution to the wind and taking my life back. Today I'm becoming the parent I want to be and putting my foot down. Today my teen is no longer dictating how I run my life. Today my teen is going to be put in his place of child instead of equal partner. Where my husband is supposed to be. Friday, you are still an arsehole. But upon further reflection I apparently needed arsehole in my life today. For that I thank you.

Friday, just one more thing. Don't do this again. Currently Friday, you feel like Monday. If this happens again you and I CANNOT continue to be friends.




  1. I am exactly the same when it comes to explaining things. I need to see and touch.

    It's called a learning style. Tell your lovely teen to research that and learn that everyone has their own style.

    It has caused massive difficulties in our house, since my nearly teen learns in an audio-visual style and I am hands on. Much harder to teach someone when you find it difficult to do it in the way that suits them best - they need to adapt to you as well.

    Giving your own needs a higher priority is a great learning life lesson for children and teaches them respect but also that when they are parents they get to have a life as well! My Psych told me this and I have applied it for two years now, with amazing results. The WHOLE family is happier, even though I do less for them!

    Cheers and here's hoping Saturday rocks!

  2. Holy, that is th worst burn ever. "Friday, you feel like Monday." Seriously. I don;t think you could have said anything worse. That's the insult of all insults.

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  4. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

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  5. Girlfriend, I feel for you on so many levels. I have an arse/ex that I've had to bend over the barrel for and tip toe around for too long. Early this month I finally decided to do something about it only to have him try to turn our kids against me. Who uses kids as weapons, anyway? I hope there is a special place in hell for people like that. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you.

  6. I'm so sorry! I hope your weekend was much better!

    By the way, I'd love it if you came by to link up with our blog hop this week: "What I Love About Me!" Mondays :)

  7. Oh man that sounds like one hell of a morning! Hope the weekend went a little bit better. Your ex sounds like a douchenozzle, hope the Teen stops giving you a hard time :) HUGS!

  8. I love this post!! It's so honest, and funny, although I'm sure you weren't laughing. And I'm soooo not looking forward to the teen years!


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