Saturday, June 25, 2011

Early Morning Mind Wanderers June 25, 2011 (The Not Early Morning Addition)

Cornered by my thoughts

Tumbling over and over

Unsure of which way to turn

There is no distinct direction in which to take

The anxiety cradles me like a swaddled newborn

I'm frustrated by the way it tricks me

Mind and body

Some days I cannot tell dream from reality

Some nights my dreams don't know they are dreams

My dreams are even searching for something

What am I forgetting?

What could I possibly be missing that I need to know?

Too much chaos in my head is leaving me exhausted

Again all I want to do is sleep

Yet, again, sleep has become the enemy

Sleep is where everything comes alive

Where the busy-ness of my life ends and the busy-ness of who I am begins.

1 comment:

  1. (((hugs))) my dear, I dislike when the thoughts and life stuff feels like it is swirling around me. When there is no break to rest. I hope that things calm down and you are able to rest.


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