Friday, June 10, 2011

Early Morning Mind Wanderers June 10, 2011

Where do I fit in?

Everything I have is for you. For them.

Stretched. Pulled in a million directions.

Laundry piles to the ceiling.

Dishes teetering, willing to tumble and crash.

Bathroom dirt that scares the boogey man.

Backyard missing the tombstone to finish "the look".

Vehicle that begs to be bathed as often as the children.

Front yard that decieves the world of the chaos within.

My time is limited and I feel chronically overwhelmed.

Pushed to my breaking point from the moment I wake to the moment I pass out.

Almost every day naptime and bedtime are a blessing, every thing in between a curse.

I know I'm blessed, but I can't catch my breath.

I need some time away, to read, to run, to work on me.

Each day is more of a struggle than the last.

I try to tell myself and believe, "This too shall pass".


  1. Sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time. Simply try and accomplish what you can, when you can. Good luck to you.

  2. I am right there with you in this craziness, mama. It's hard. But we will pull through. You are a superhero and don't you forget it! :)

  3. I had to giggle when I saw "Bathroom dirt that would scare the boogeyman"

    There's always something that needs to be done, just take it one day at a time and know you are doing everything you can. The bathroom dirt can wait!

  4. This is a great summary of most busy mothers life...well written...I hope you can find a moment to just take a hot bath, open a good book and most importantly ....breathe
    happy friday

  5. It seems that getting some personal time is oh so important, I always feel better after coffee with a friend. I hope that things calm down and you are able to take a breath.

  6. @ Diplo_Daddy ~ I hear that. Lately it's been one moment at a time. I keep telling myself that I'm only one person. However, I don't listen to others very well, so tend to completely ignore myself lol

    @ Holly ~ if I'm a superhero someone forgot my cape. I deserve a cape lol

    @ Irish Italian Blessing ~ I'm am waiting for the dirt to come out and consume us some days lol I haven't hit hoarder dirty yet, so I think we're still good here lol

    @ Pleemiller ~ Thank you and a Happy Friday to you too. (ignore the fact I responded technically on a Saturday my time)

    @ Danna ~ this nursing baby depletes me of all personal time. For the most part I love every minute of since he's my last. But there are those really mentally exhausting days that I wish I could have just a few hours to just me.

    Thanks for the comments all. They helped out for today. Each time I felt a little overwhelmed I jumped on and read the comments and breathed.

  7. chronically overwhelmed could become the new definition for 'mummy'! this again struck a chord, i wonder how many mums often feel the same...most? i dont even take a day at a time sometimes i need to take minutes at a time. xxxxx


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