Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Try This At Home Boys and Girls

It is positively miserable out there Thursday. It didn't start off this way. It was gorgeous, warm and sunny. I of course was stuck inside trying to put my baby to sleep while my two year old got into as much trouble as she possibly could. I was at my wits end. They had all been up since 6:30am and my baby had only had 10min cat naps since. A total of two of these. He was tired and cranky. I was the same way. In fact, everyone was miserable. Even Mother Nature was putting her two cents in.

All I wanted to do was get my baby to sleep so I could do something for myself. I wanted to do some manual labour and and my soil plot prepped so that Friday (today) I could just put my cedars in the ground. It was gorgeous, what a perfect day. Then Hurricane A started with her stuff. I swear if I had her tell me she was hungry one more time I would have ripped my hair out from the roots. She screams like a banshee, keeping even the dead at bay. I truely believe they'd rather stay in their graves than listen to her shrill serenade. Everytime L would pass out she'd screech. Then in my haste not to hold him anymore for fear she'll wake him again, I try to put him in his bed, only for him to open his eyes and laugh at me. He wouldn't asleep because he was so overtired.

No one is co-operating with me. My heart starts to race, sending me into a panic as the sky turns an ominous black and the wind begins to pick up. I want that border in and the soil turned. A is into everything and telling me "no" at every turn. Finally, I've had all I can take from Hurricane A. It's naptime. I just get L to sleep and my mom and company come to the door. So frustrated at this point as I just got L to sleep for the fifth time today and he wasn't completely asleep. No he didn't stay asleep, he woke the moment he was moved. I was not impressed.

That was the last straw. It was all I could take. (In case you haven't noticed by now. Anything that goes off the path I had planned for the day sends me in to a chaotic tailspin and ruins my day) I was getting this yard done, and I didn't care how. My mom stayed inside, while "company" tried to help me. Then it started to rain and lightning. They wanted me to come inside. I would get hit by lightening. I looked sternly at them as said, "I'm not going to get hit by lightening. I'm not that lucky".

So there I was as everyone with a brain retreated inside. The crazy lady with a shovel hanging on to a metal fence digging holes furiously. I was getting that trim in no matter what. (They really couldn't say much, I came by my stubborness honestly. Every one of those adults in my home Thursday are just as stubborn, if not more so than I am.)

Garden Progress ~ Me: 1 Mother Nature: 0

Keeping things miserable and depressing ~ Me: 0 Mother Nature: 1

Just after I got the trim up to where I wanted. The heavens opened up and dumped a crap load of water on my head. I ran inside feeling a sense of success. I still don't recommend this to any sane person at all. Really don't let your children read this bit of stupidity on my part.

As for the end of the day. Well my teen let me have some time to myself and I got a cat nap. Rushed to get hubby from an appointment I forgot he had. Until he called me asking me where I was oops. The weather cleared. E stole the ball from the other team in soccer (he is pretty timid with this part of soccer), and ran down the field scoring a goal. WTG E! Another proud moment was picking up C from Cadets. My awesome kid got promoted to Master Corporal! Yep, mother nature and my bad day can officially kiss my arse. They've got nothing on the awesome that are my children. They outshine everything.


  1. yay Sarah you have great people surrounding you. You are blessed!

  2. Oh I'm sorry you had one of those days. The only good part about them is that you know tomorrow will be a new day.

  3. You are a crazy lady lol! I know what its like to be that determined though so I get it. I'm glad you didn't get struck by lightning :)

  4. Holy hell.
    That sucks.

    I'm glad you won, though. Suck it, Mother Nature.

  5. So glad you turned your day around whether the world was out to get your or not! I think lightning knew what was good for it and steered clear of you :)

  6. @ Kelly - TY I am blessed. Been forgetting it a lot lately. This weather here is not helping my depression at all.

    @Kate - yep those days are tough to weather. I keep telling myself. Make it to naptime. Then it's make it to bedtime lol

    @ Nicole J - I'm so happy I didn't get struck by lightening too.

    @ Suniverse - Yep Mother Nature can suck it! And she can take this crap misery with her too.

    @ Irish Italian Blessing - oh yeah. If it struck and killed me, I would have been haunting it's arse for an eternity. Seriously, would you want this crazy lady haunting you for an eternity? lol


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