Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chaotic But Never Dull

My life is incredibly chaotic. I love my family, I don't love the busy-ness that comes with them. I don't do flexible. I don't know why. I have to have everything planned out. No one is allowed to deviate from the plan, unless it is me deviating from the plan. I prepare for such deviations an hour or two in advance. (in my mind. For them it's last minuts)

Monday, I was Preschool Helper at my son's preschool. It's my last day for the year. Bittersweet. (Don't mind me, the tears are only glistening.) My son has only 5 more days of preschool left and next year is Kindergarten. The last five years went somewhere. I'm not sure where.

Anyways, I was trying to get things ready. I fed the kids and got the bags together. While they were eating I went outside to water my cedars. (yes, they are finally all in.) That was my first mistake. The children asked to play outside. Of course I said fine. I began to pump another 2.5oz this morning, during this time, my children stripped to their skivvies. (For A that meant her birthday suit.) They screamed and ran around the backyard spraying each other with the hose. Infuriating! Normally, I could care less, but this was not the time to be barefoot and fancy free. Or in my children's case naked! (E thankfully kept his underwear on)

I coralled them in the house and got them dressed in new clothes, promising lots of water fun later. I fed them lunch and proceeded to finish pumping. They finished and played with their toys. Suddenly E peaks around the corner and says,

"Mom, I'm going to Mexico!"

"A is not coming!"

He walks away and babbles. Then comes back in and says,

"A can go to Playhouse Disney. I'm going to Mexico!"

I think I might have peed myself laughing. Where does this kid come up with this stuff?

E is sweet too. We had to stop off at the grocery store to pick up juice and buns before preschool. On our way out he says,

"Here Mom. Let me open the door for you." He runs ahead and stands in front of the door so it opens for me. Waits until I walk through and does the same with the second door.

That night I watered both the cedars and my kids. I also got the oldest when he wasn't expecting it.

The day before just after I finished planting the cedar at the front of the house, I did something to it and said, "Poor Baby." C pipes up and says,

"Oh that's nice you love the tree more than me."

"Um, yeah, sure. lol" I chuckled back.

"Maybe you'll pay attention to L more if I plant him." He was just upset because I asked him to hold L so I could plant the tree and be done with all this stuff.

I think he's on to something though. Could you imagine how easy it would be to take care of these children if all we had to do was stick them in the ground and water them twice a day? Sometimes sing to or talk to them.


  1. Somedays I'd like to plant my two teens...perhaps I'd at least know where they are and what they are doing.....have a great day...

  2. LOL when I read that last line all I could think of Damon waynes in Major Payne watering the cadets that he buried up to their necks.

  3. Do you know how much extra time I would have on my hands if all I had to do was water my toddler?? Oh man, and imagine the sleep I would get too : )


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