Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's In A Name?

There is a lot to be said about a name. Why else would parents spend so much time on looking for that perfect name for their spawn child? Why else would sisters and friends steal their friends baby name, and then use it for their own child if the said child is born first? Why would women take such time to hide the name of their future child from family members for the previous reason. Other reasons include unwanted name suggestions from family, friends and strangers. As well as the dreaded, "Why are you naming your son/daughter "Tigger" I know a person named "Tigger" and she claimed she was Marylin Monroe reincarnated and danced off into the night with a man from Zoltar. She was off her rocker! If you name your child "Tigger", she will be crazy too! Of course there are those expectations that you will name your son/daughter after a family member. I'm not knocking this practice, however, it should be because you want to name your child after the family member, not because you are expected to.

For my first child everyone knew the name. His name after long consideration was after some cloned kid on a show. (Totally NOT my idea. His name is now overly common) I gave him his middle name. His middle name was after a family member. (Completely what I wanted). Turns out, my son's name was a name a family member wanted to use for their child had they ever had a son. I had my son years after they finished having kids, so thank goodness I had no fear of knowing I inadvertently stole a name.

My following children, no one knew the names until after they were born and the other children had a chance to meet them. Well minus the last, because I didn't want anyone at the hospital. I just wanted to go home already. They all have unique names. They met the criteria both my husband and I were looking for.

1. Biblical or relates to our heritage

2. Name can be both Biblical and relate to heritage. Our intent was to honor God in allowing us to take care of his gifts.

3. They needed to be unique, but not so unique that they were easily made fun of.

4. No pressure to name after a family member. Prefer not to, but if it works out that way it's cool.

5. Middle names can be as common as we like

6. Look at the flow of name and how it will appear when in initial form, this includes the middle name.

My second son's first name is unique for the most part. His middle name is after someone really special to my husband who passed just shortly after my husband and I met. This person meant a lot to my husband so I was more than happy to oblige.

My daughter wasn't named after anyone.

My third son wasn't named after anyone per say. We googled unique names and his was one of the first to show up. His middle name is after a family member, something that just worked out that way. I really wanted to name him after my great grandfather, but my husband said "no way". (Honestly, I think "Metro" is an awesome boys name and it's unique to boot.)

The coolest part is that the first letter of each of their names makes up my posting name. L.A.C.E. Yep, when it came to the fourth child, his name also depended upon what word I could make out with the letters. I know. I'm strange. It's old news already.

There are other reasons names are so special. Names can help us stand out or blend in. Actors and Actresses have been known to change their names, even by just adding a few letters, to help be memorable in a market always looking for a fresh face. Come on Lady Gaga is NOT her real name no matter what someone might tell you.

For me, I use L.A.C.E. to both stand out a little and to maintain some anonymity. My name is rather common. It is also meaningful to me and those who named me. I have been told this story many times. My mom had always told my Great Grandmother that she would name her daughter after her. My Great Grandmother didn't believe her. I mean really, over the years I have had many names for my daughter. None have become her name. To my Great Grandmother's surprise and pleasure, my mom did as she said and I was named after a very wonderful person. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and they never got to meet each other. She had just had her 100th birthday that year. Never had my name meant so much to me as it does now. I may not be able to see my Great Grandmother in person anymore, but I will always have a piece of her that no one else does with me always.

Wait. Did I forget something? My real name? Hello. My name is Sarah. It's a pleasure to meet you all without the mask of anonymity. (This post is dedicated to Nicole J over at Knocked up.)


  1. i always wondered about L.A.C.E.

    My son's name came from my mother-in-laws maiden name...BRaham....very unique but nobody pronounces it right..
    my daughter Madison...we thought it was unique and now it is the most popular name around.

  2. Sarah! Nice to meet you darlin! :)

    I know what you mean about having a piece of your great grandmother. It's so nice.

  3. Hi sarah!
    I never intended to have children so I gave my cats my favourite names! Lily, after my grandmother and Ruby because I loved it! Had to think really hard to name kiddies when they arrived! (especially when family members had already used up my next choices!)
    Jane (named after no-one in particular!)

  4. Why hello Sarah! It's nice to finally have a name to go with the blog :) LOL

    I'm struggling with picking out a baby name right now. I want something strong and very Irish/Scottish since that is our (mine and my soon-to-be ex-husbands) heritage. I think I'm going to wait to name my baby boy after he is born. I can't imagine naming someone I have never met. I'm excited and can't wait to find out what it'll be!


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