Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No. Wait. I Was Under The Influence


That was me the other morning. No, not crazy, out of my rocking mind hormonal. It was the oh my goodness my baby is five months old, one month away from six months, halfway to a year old hormonal. I'm declaring that every mom not in their right mind goes through this. Otherwise I'm truly crazy, and I'm currently in denial about that status.

So, frantic me had to do something about this situation. I couldn't freeze my child, or make time stand still. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. Even my four five year old thought it was a great idea. He thought it was so good he was willing to do as I requested. Which was ask his Dad for another baby brother. Why? Because we simply need another brother you know.

To my surprise E ran up the stairs to me bright eyed and bushy tailed. "Yes, Mom. Dad said yes!" I swooped up L and flew down the stairs. I was so excited! He said yes! Woot! Woot! "Really? You mean it? We can have another baby?"


My darling husband looked up at me and shook his head, while asking me to repeat myself.

"We can have another baby! Yes, I'm so happy! That is what E asked you, and you said yes."

"Um, that is what he asked? No, we are NOT having another baby."

"But you told him yes."

"I was under the influence."

I was saddened, yet laughed my arse off at the same time.

Four hours later he reminded me that we fixed the issue of having another baby and there was no turning back.

Eight hours later I laid on the couch in utter exhaustion asking myself why I even considered baby number five?

Forty-eight hours later I have concluded I too was under the influence.


  1. Ha ha, you crack me up.

    I have this happen too! Abby just turned 18 months and it kind of has me in a panic. We are not having any more littles ones either and the idea of her getting bigger so quickly sends me into a panic.

    That being said though, I love our family of five and we are more than busy :)

  2. I cried every month The Boy got older. Now that he is a year old I wnat a baby so badly, but it's really just not a good time.

  3. Occasionally I get a fleeting urge for another child, but it never lasts long once I snap back into reality. My hubby got a vasectomy before baby #3 was even born and I think it was a great decision. I figure if we ever really change our mind and decide that we want and can afford another child, we'll look into adoption. :)

  4. Haha! I'll be lucky if I survive having one baby :)

  5. Four?

    I'm tired just reading that.

    I always think other people's kids are a great way to sate that NEED A BABY feeling.

    That I, in all honestly, very seldom get.


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