Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In The Key Of Ha

I started this post about a month ago, but I had to stop because I had nothing to say. Then I found something to say, however, it definitely was NOT "in the key of ha" so I had to make a new post. I just let this one sit. Then I forgot about it. I'm glad seeing how even this one was turning out not so much funny as it was another bitch post. While it's good to get some things out, to sit and wallow in bitchiness turns off readers and turns your children against you. (Seriously, they have been insolent little monsters.) So now in the need to bring some much needed sunshine and happiness, maybe rainbows and unicorns (No, there will be no Ke$ha videos linked on here), here is some funny and other things that make me smile.

My E has got to be the funniest kid alive. Once he starts they all start. (unfortunately for me, this works the same way the not so funny stuff too) Some of the things he says is just out there lol Like this morning he was watching me change L. Like my other boys L was circumcised only for some reason his is considered a "hidden penis". His penis likes to hide in the folds of his skin so I have to pull it back to make sure things are clean and it doesn't fuse together. Anyways, E says, "L has a little penis". So I showed him that it's not that little, and said. "L has a little penis because he's little, you have a bigger penis because you are a big boy." E looks right at me, smiles and says, "That's right, because my penis is growing up." and that "L's penis looks like a belly button". He starts to crack up as he's saying this and I laughed so hard. He then went on to say that I had a "zero penis" and his sister has a "zero penis" and they don't grow. Seriously, the way this kids mind works lol

Okay, if that wasn't funny for you, I changed my mind and here are some rainbows and unicorns. Maybe in the form of a Ke$ha video ;)


  1. A zero penis? lol. Gotta love the way kids minds work.

  2. LOL! Too funny. My son put bubbles on his penis in the bath tub the other night and then proceeded to tell us, "Now I have big penis like Daddy!" I almost fell over from laughing so hard.

  3. That is quite hilarious! Stopping by to thank you for visting my blog, leaving sweet comments, and becoming a follower. I am thrilled to have you as a reader!


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