Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Do It Myself!


Her new favourite word. She is exerting her independence whether I like it or not. When she is not exclaiming a defiant "NO!", our baby girl is pushing us away saying, "I do it myself!" I am not sure when this started happening, however, in the last week it's becoming a staple in our lives. I look at my last and think, "Wow. My daughter was once that little." She depended on me to nurse her, bathe her, cuddle her, talk to her, change her, et cetera. Now, she goes and plays on her own. She colours and likes to "read" books on her own. She comes running when the baby is crying and in distress. She climbs and tumbles without any need for my help. At least she still needs me to do up her little jacket and hold her tiny hand while she crosses the road.

The other day we took her to Canadian Tire with us. She was having a fit. How dare we leave the house without her. (This is another fairly new development) So we left the boys at home and gave in to our red faced, tear streaked daughter. While we were searching for another sump pump hose, A was on a search of her own. My daughter must touch everything. I now harp the same words at my children, that my mom said daily to us. "Look with your eyes, not your hands." She looks up at me with imploring eyes that say what I think as well. "But Mom. Nothing looks good until your hands can feel the shape and texture. How could I possibly know if I really like it if I don't touch it and turn it. Exploring every nook and cranny?" I get it, I do. Realistically, I don't know many adults who don't touch things when they are looking to buy. Heck, just even looking. However, I understand something she is yet too young to understand. When little hands explore things in the store, especially breakable things, they WILL break. So I continue to defy what I know is true and tell my children "don't touch".

Of course, A didn't listen again, and brought us a potty seat. "What does this kid need with a potty seat?", I ask myself. We have a perfectly good one at home. I had bought it for her brother when I was potty training him. (He hated sitting on that seat) It is a blue Fisher Price throne seat. It does the royal chime thing when you poop or pee. The children apparently have more fun pressing the button for the music then they do using it. It is also a step stool. Thank goodness they use the potty for that or I just wasted my hard earned money. I tried to get her to put it back. It was a strong "No!". I am the parent, what I say goes. I know that. However, she is 2 . 5 years old and I am starting to get grossed out by the nasty poopy diapers. She carried that potty around the whole time. She kept chanting, "Look. Elmo." we made the decision to buy the potty. It couldn't hurt. If she didn't use it, we still had one more child left to potty train. He might use it.

It's been a few days now since we bought the potty seat. A has used it, and has peed in the potty several times. She was also willing to wear the cloth training pants passed down from E, and only had one accident. This is a good thing, seeing as the sticker chart incentive we used with E doesn't work with her at all. Now I might not be too keen on the sudden, "I do it myself!" proclomations. In this particular case, A can stake her independence freely.


  1. I can totally picture her saying that. I like that attitude, actually. Strong independant woman she'll be.

  2. I am right there with you! But my kids are 3.5 so they're not only independent, but also a little smarter (i.e. sneakier). lol

  3. Ive taken mine to pick out a potty at least a dozen times with no interest shown. Every time I think how dare they not sell Thomas pottys, you get us hooked and then nothing??? I'm happy your little one found one she likes.

  4. She sounds very determined! Hope the potty training goes well with her

  5. Aw, that is so sweet! Ainsley likes to touch everything too, she always asks, "Just one finger???" Cracks me up! I hope the Elmo potty helps. Your daughter is precious :)

  6. Thanks for linking up with the We are canadian blog hop!


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