Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Zombie Birthday!

In the lateness of the evening of May 2006 I was a very pregnant and very uncomfortable Mommy. I laid on the couch hoping that this would be the night our beautiful boy entered the world. Seeing as baby wasn't co-operating, Daddy decided he would burn the popcorn and set off the fire alarm. Thus sending off a scream so loud a baby decided it was better to get out than stay in a home that only magnified that scream.

We loved our boy muchly and fretted over his lazy ways. He didn't like to do much unless he was doing it himself. He rolled late, sat late, walked late, talked late, and liked things his way. However, he was a ham. He liked things that his big brother liked too. For a while we let him play things like COD, until he said he needed 100 kills. Yeah, um, not our best parenting moment. Through this though he learned to love zombies. So we took away COD, but we needed to replace it with something. We did.
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He was fascinated with zombies. He played zombies at home, on the computer, and ran around with buckets on his head saying, "brains". He wanted zombie shirts, and when asked what he wanted for his birthday. He said, "A zombie cake!". Seeing as this was a milestone birthday I couldn't deny his request.

In the days leading up to his birthday I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making his birthday gift. Instead of waiting until Monday like I had originally intended I gave him his gift on the Sunday. His response? "What is it?" I told him it was a bunny and I put the left overs from his crib sheets in the ears. He promptly took his bunny upstairs and put it in his room. I can't say I wasn't a bit hurt. I felt better later that evening though when he asked to sleep with it. Yay success! (A carried hers around and lost it. I find it at midnight in her pretend stoves oven. C was ecstatic to have one of his very own. L is 5 months old. Not really expecting much out of him lol)

On Monday he got dinner from McDonald's. After dinner he received another gift. Plants VS Zombies for the Xbox 360. (Every morning he wakes up to play. Every morning I say no and he waits until evening)

On Wednesday preschool threw a little party with treats for the months birthday kids. When I showed up to get him he was wearing a cute handmade crown.

Finally Friday night came and I was up until the wee hours baking and decorating. Entertaining a sleepless A, and cleaning.

Saturday morning was full of rain and excited anticipation. Four friends and their parents from preschool showed up. The kids had fun tearing around the house for an hour and a half while the parents talked. In the last half hour presents were opened and the cake was presented. Everyone enjoyed it!

E went to bed that night with his bunny and told me how much he enjoyed his zombie cake and having his friends come and play.


  1. I LOVE the zombie cake!!! You are such an amazing Mama! I am so happy to hear that his party was a blast :)

  2. The Zombie cake is awesome!! Happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. Sounds like it was a birthday success! I'm glad he had a great 5th b'day.

  4. TY everyone! That was really one of the cakes I enjoyed making :D

  5. What a great birthday theme! Love the cake. Excuse me now while I go enjoy some brains ;-)

  6. WOW that Zombie cake is IMPRESSIVE! You did an amazing job. Happy Birthday to your little one!


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