Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Years Ago Today

Dear E,

Just over five years ago, I found out I was pregnant with you. Dad and I were just married and wanted to start a family right away. God took that to mean literally right away. We were both shocked and overjoyed.

I wanted a girl. Dad wanted a boy. And girls simply didn't run in Daddy's male dominated family. I still hoped. However, your big brother wanted a little brother. In the want to make sure C knew that God does really answer prayers I put my wants aside and prayed God would send me a boy.

On the day of our ultrasound the picture was clear. God seemed to answer C's request for a brother to play with.

On May 14th, we were sure that you would be born on Mother's Day. I was having severe pains. Turns out after a trip to the hospital it was false labour. I was upset, I wanted my baby. I didn't care if it was two weeks early. On May 15th, after a day of on and off labour, Daddy wanted some popcorn. At 11pm he burnt the popcorn and sent the fire alarm off. The screeching must have scared you something awful as you decided it was time. Just after midnight on May 16th your Uncle drove us to the hospital.

At 6:32am you rocketed into this world. God did answer C's prayers and sent me you. Daddy and I were the happiest parents in the whole wide world.

Now you are five years old. You are funny, strong-willed, and helpful. You have a caring heart unsurpassed by any one child I have met so far. You are teaching your sister and baby brother how to love big as well. You will be finishing preschool soon and this September holds the key to entering a new stage of your life and ours. Kindergarten. You are growing up my funny little man.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my Dear, Dear Blessing!

(Picture property of L.A.C.E.)


  1. very nice post.....made me remember the birth of my children and the excitement of the wait.
    happy monday.

  2. O how your post reminded me of the birth of our little boy....who also happens to be five years old. And now he’ll start school this coming September. How quickly time passes.

  3. Awww sooo sweet!! Happy 5 years little man!! Time just flies by way tooooo fast!

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for adding your blog to the linky

  5. What a nice post! Hopped on over from the blog hop, new follower. Enjoy your week!

  6. So sweet. Happy birthday to him!

  7. Awww, that is the sweetest post! Happy Birthday E! I hope that he had a wonderful birthday!

  8. how beautiful! the pic makes me want to do it all over again! see what you went and did...i am a hormonal 42 yr old baby needy wreck now! xxxxx (not really your fault i was that anyway!) x

  9. Happy Birthday!
    My little darling daughter was also born on 16th May - 9 years ago xxx


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