Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyone Waits For The Rapture, I Throw A Birthday Party

"Did you hear that Jesus was coming?"

"Yes, yes I did. It states this fact quite plainly in the Bible."

"According to one source business insider,it all seems to stem from the website noted on the sign in the picture in the article. The group is Family Radio. The groups head Harold Camping is making these claims. He did predict the end of the world at least once before and it didn't happen."

"Hmm, well that sucks. I planned my son's 5th birthday party for that day. I think I should have put a disclaimer on those invitations."

E invites you to his 5th Birthday Party on May 21, 2011
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Where: Our House
RSVP: my phone number, my email address
Disclaimer: If Jesus comes for the world while your children are safely inside my home having a blast at my son's birthday party, I am not to be held responsible when they are whisked off to Heaven. I provide the shelter, cake, drinks and birthday fun. The result of the Rapture is entirely out of my hands. If you consider me responsible you are an arsehole and won't be seeing your child in Heaven anyways.

So yeah, I had no clue that I planned my son's birthday party on the day the world is supposed to go to pot and Jesus comes for his chosen ones. While worried, and excited about these facts, my kid is five and just knows he has real life friends coming to this thing. Although why not celebrate the end of the world? Can't just sit here and wait and watch, how boring is that.

Who knows, maybe the Rapture that this Harold guy is talking about isn't really the one where Jesus comes to take us away, but some biological tragedy. What he isn't telling us is that we are all going to be sucked up in the mother ship, where Zombies are waiting to eat our brains!


  1. Lol the disclaimer is hilarious. My cousin is getting married today, she jokes if the rapture is coming at least she can die a happy married woman :-)

  2. Going to have fun at e birthday Party.Love the cake.

  3. Most excellent disclaimer! Happy Rapture/Birthday Party day! So many celebrations, I hope I become a zombie :)

  4. Stopping by and following from the We Are Canadian Blog Hop! Love the idea of the disclaimer! I had no idea the end was coming until the day before when hubby says, Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you..." Ah well, it's all good.


  5. Haha I hope you had a decent turn out regardless of the rapture. People are so crazy.

  6. Great disclaimer!
    I know my daughter didn't mind the end of the world as long as she got her birthday in before!
    We had a car crash on Saturday - luckily our world didn't end but it felt like a harsh reminder!


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