Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyone Needs A "Happy Day"!

My daughter can be the most frustrating ragga-muffin on the planet. She is high energy all day, everyday. (no I don't believe she is add or adhd, she is a regular kid with extra energy) If she isn't paid attention to she gets into all sorts of mischief. She has coloured on most of my walls, my fridge, my stove, and my water cooler. She climbs stairs, bookcases and the goal posts at soccer games. She has also met her match with our kitchen cupboards and has the scar from three stitches in her forehead to prove it. She is vocal, likes the word "no", "sorry", and "I'm okay". The latter normally said because she has fallen off of something for the 40th time. She beats up her brothers whenever she doesn't get her way and she is always the first to tell me baby L is crying and needs me. She is also the reason he is awake and crying a lot of the time. (She can't help herself, she just must play with him.)

However, once you get past her dumping out all the shampoo onto her foam chair and "painting" with the toothpaste on her dresser, you get pure sweet A. She loves to run and play and make new friends. (Everyone always walks away from her though it's sad really. Breaks my heart and she only says "hi".) She has one request that she has a "Happy Day". As I have discovered "Happy Day" is not what we think of it. It's NOT a good day. To my A "Happy Day" is

***crude smiley faces on her magnetic drawing board. (which she requests over and over again)

***something she made from her building "legos" that look like maracas.

***a day at the Farm

***a bunny that Mommy made with love just for her

I love each time she comes up to me and shows me a "Happy Day". She always has the biggest smile to go along with it and it makes those trying moments fall away, disappearing from memory. Making my own day a "Happy Day".

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