Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy Bees

Sorry everyone. I have been slacking lately and one of my readers has so called me on it. Part of it has to do that I don't have much to talk about. The other part is that we are extremely busy over here. I've even doing this blog on the fly. So it's going to be really really short.

Since we are no longer sick it's back to preschool three times a week and now E is in soccer twice a week. Add in Cadets once a week, not to mention Sundays and sometimes all weekend getaways for them and I'm going with just the kids alone. I have to clean my house, cook supper, and keep budgeted. oh yeah, I also nurse. I have yard work I want to get started on, and I'm working on a project that needs to get done in time for my son's birthday party on the 21st.

E wants a zombie cake. I really hope the children coming to his party are not easily scared as we are apparently now zombie themed. Which means that I need to start designing cake and such to save on moolah. Obviously not my time.

So, I will try to get some posts in, but they will not be every day. I apologize to my regular readers, however, sometimes life just gets in the way no matter what you try. Then again, without my life I wouldn't have one single thing to blog about. Well... maybe.. but it would be appealing to a whole different demographic lol


  1. Life gets busy, we understand :)
    I can't wait to see a pic of the zombie cake!

  2. Hey I was wondering if you could come help me paint my living room and plant a graden next week. I have lots of wine. Remember it is the miracle cure to a shitty day. After all wasnt it jesus that turned water to wine so all could continue to party when they ran out?

  3. Aw! Enjoy your time and your kiddos! A zombie cake sounds so fun! I can't wait to see it!

  4. I completely understand!! And being a teacher, I always tell people I'm going to get all kinds of things caught up in the summer...but somehow I'm still too busy.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. You certainly are busy! There's nothing wrong with drive-by blog posting.


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