Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey You! Yeah You! That's MY Kid You Are Bullying! Wanna Try That Again?

There are many things I like to bitch about. Mostly things that irritate me. Which, if you live with me, or are friends with me you might think it's everything on this earth. It's not. Well maybe. Let's just say I "do sweat the small stuff". There are few things I HATE. I tend not to use that word as it's strong and meaningful. I have no issues saying I hate bully's and bullying. In my mind there is nothing more cowardice (besides using a weapon to fight, outside a real legit war), than bullying. Typically it's the person that feels the most craptastic about themselves that treat others like they are the shit under their shoes. There is also those catty "it girls" who have nothing better to do with their shallow lives. As well as those guys who want to impress their friends with what "big men" they are. Hey, jerkwad! Calling someone a name based on their ethnicity, weight, height, handicap, hair colour, et cetera doesn't make you a "man", it makes you a pathetic person.

For the last three years my son has been bullied on and off by his classmates. We have told him to ignore them, walk away, tell a teacher. The whole time I have wanted to teach him how to bash their useless heads in with his own two fists. Yes, back in the day, if I was bullied I'd do just that. Yes, I have. Maybe not all the time, but there were a few good ones. Was I a bully at one point, yes. Unfortunately, once you get bullied for too long you tend to dish it out later. We also all know what happens in the extreme cases of relentless bullying. Do I really need to bring up all the schools that were affected and people who were killed or maimed as I direct result? What's even scarier is now if you do get into a fight, you never know who is going to use something like a knife, gun, or other weapon instead of their fists.

Just this last Thursday my child got into a fight after school and was suspended for one day for fighting. This was the result of three years of bullying. The worst of it being in the last six months. One year it was about him being a red head. I remember him coming home four years ago saying that a teacher called him "Ginger". A teacher for goodness sake! I don't think he meant wrong by it, as even I thought there was nothing wrong with it. I had only heard it said once. A radio personality was gushing over a "ginger" hockey player. I thought it was a compliment until I did the research. Nothing more was said. Then, last year, people starting calling him "Ginger" again. He was starting to ignore it, and take pride in being a "Ginger", until these little shits started telling him with venom that he had no soul. Thank You South Park! Thank you stupid arse parents who allow your children to watch cartoons intended for an adult audience and not telling them that South Park is a television show that is NOT real. That in no way do you talk to people like that in real life. That this behaviour is disgusting and imoral and really does damage to people emotionally. It is NOT a joke.

What I don't understand is how parents think that they need to stop explaining certain things to their children once they hit a certain age. I think these parents need a class on how to parent or get "spayed/neutered" so they can never have children. I don't care if they look and sound like adults, they are still children. They need guidance. They watch shite like South Park and really think this is how the real world works. The ones that do know the difference have parents who ... wait, the ones that do know the difference have parents who wouldn't have to explain that South Park is fake because they wouldn't allow their child to watch it. Bringing us back to these parents need to take parenting classes, et cetera.

Finally, my son is ignoring the "no soul" comment. I have found a video today on youtube that is pretty funny and a really good way at looking at such a comment. Now, though, these same kids are calling him a cat. Yeah, stupid, if only they would stop there. They tell him he smells like a cat. (we don't own cats) They will meow at him. Taunting him. Not just in the classroom, but outside the classroom. This has been going on every day for at least six months. This is what has resulted in the fight. It came to blows, both the one student and my son were suspended on Friday. I was in the office with my teen and three children 5 and under to deal with it this morning.

I have found out that the class has been talked to twice since this started. That the teacher, substitute teacher and para in the room have all seen this happen and yet, nothing but "bullying is not nice", has been done. Back in the day, there were no three strikes you're out. You got once chance to be respectful otherwise you were out of the classroom until you could treat people with respect. They would be afraid to do anything after the first "talking to", and there would be no more issue. Why are the teachers not coming forward and going to the principal or vice-principal? Why do I tell my son to go to an authoritative person if nothing is happening to resolve the situation? Do I really need to be sitting in the class myself to ensure that these "big men/women" behave with respect and dignity towards my child? I have been assured that my child will no longer have to endure this crap anymore as they are talking to the class for a third time. I'm pretty glib about the whole situation and will believe it when I see it. If it doesn't change, I can guarantee everyone involved will be in for a whole heck of a lot of noise coming from this momma bear!

For those of you with teens, please ensure that they are not doing the bullying. Find ways to teach them how to treat people with respect. That these things have real consequences. That school shootings and the like can happen where they are. And please if you are going to let them watch things like South Park or any "Reality Television", take the time to make sure they know that this stuff is done for television ratings. No one on television gets hurt or insulted. No one is permanently scarred. That in the end it is all scripted and they don't talk like that in real life. A lot of the times, they don't need a class on how to spot a bully or not bully. A lot of times they are following their parental example, so watch what you say and how you act around your children. If what you do would embarrass you in front of your child or you wouldn't want them behaving that way. Then don't do it. Keep an eye on who they are friends with as well. A friends actions are a good indication of your child's behaviour when you are no where to be seen.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Do It Myself!


Her new favourite word. She is exerting her independence whether I like it or not. When she is not exclaiming a defiant "NO!", our baby girl is pushing us away saying, "I do it myself!" I am not sure when this started happening, however, in the last week it's becoming a staple in our lives. I look at my last and think, "Wow. My daughter was once that little." She depended on me to nurse her, bathe her, cuddle her, talk to her, change her, et cetera. Now, she goes and plays on her own. She colours and likes to "read" books on her own. She comes running when the baby is crying and in distress. She climbs and tumbles without any need for my help. At least she still needs me to do up her little jacket and hold her tiny hand while she crosses the road.

The other day we took her to Canadian Tire with us. She was having a fit. How dare we leave the house without her. (This is another fairly new development) So we left the boys at home and gave in to our red faced, tear streaked daughter. While we were searching for another sump pump hose, A was on a search of her own. My daughter must touch everything. I now harp the same words at my children, that my mom said daily to us. "Look with your eyes, not your hands." She looks up at me with imploring eyes that say what I think as well. "But Mom. Nothing looks good until your hands can feel the shape and texture. How could I possibly know if I really like it if I don't touch it and turn it. Exploring every nook and cranny?" I get it, I do. Realistically, I don't know many adults who don't touch things when they are looking to buy. Heck, just even looking. However, I understand something she is yet too young to understand. When little hands explore things in the store, especially breakable things, they WILL break. So I continue to defy what I know is true and tell my children "don't touch".

Of course, A didn't listen again, and brought us a potty seat. "What does this kid need with a potty seat?", I ask myself. We have a perfectly good one at home. I had bought it for her brother when I was potty training him. (He hated sitting on that seat) It is a blue Fisher Price throne seat. It does the royal chime thing when you poop or pee. The children apparently have more fun pressing the button for the music then they do using it. It is also a step stool. Thank goodness they use the potty for that or I just wasted my hard earned money. I tried to get her to put it back. It was a strong "No!". I am the parent, what I say goes. I know that. However, she is 2 . 5 years old and I am starting to get grossed out by the nasty poopy diapers. She carried that potty around the whole time. She kept chanting, "Look. Elmo." we made the decision to buy the potty. It couldn't hurt. If she didn't use it, we still had one more child left to potty train. He might use it.

It's been a few days now since we bought the potty seat. A has used it, and has peed in the potty several times. She was also willing to wear the cloth training pants passed down from E, and only had one accident. This is a good thing, seeing as the sticker chart incentive we used with E doesn't work with her at all. Now I might not be too keen on the sudden, "I do it myself!" proclomations. In this particular case, A can stake her independence freely.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's In A Name?

There is a lot to be said about a name. Why else would parents spend so much time on looking for that perfect name for their spawn child? Why else would sisters and friends steal their friends baby name, and then use it for their own child if the said child is born first? Why would women take such time to hide the name of their future child from family members for the previous reason. Other reasons include unwanted name suggestions from family, friends and strangers. As well as the dreaded, "Why are you naming your son/daughter "Tigger" I know a person named "Tigger" and she claimed she was Marylin Monroe reincarnated and danced off into the night with a man from Zoltar. She was off her rocker! If you name your child "Tigger", she will be crazy too! Of course there are those expectations that you will name your son/daughter after a family member. I'm not knocking this practice, however, it should be because you want to name your child after the family member, not because you are expected to.

For my first child everyone knew the name. His name after long consideration was after some cloned kid on a show. (Totally NOT my idea. His name is now overly common) I gave him his middle name. His middle name was after a family member. (Completely what I wanted). Turns out, my son's name was a name a family member wanted to use for their child had they ever had a son. I had my son years after they finished having kids, so thank goodness I had no fear of knowing I inadvertently stole a name.

My following children, no one knew the names until after they were born and the other children had a chance to meet them. Well minus the last, because I didn't want anyone at the hospital. I just wanted to go home already. They all have unique names. They met the criteria both my husband and I were looking for.

1. Biblical or relates to our heritage

2. Name can be both Biblical and relate to heritage. Our intent was to honor God in allowing us to take care of his gifts.

3. They needed to be unique, but not so unique that they were easily made fun of.

4. No pressure to name after a family member. Prefer not to, but if it works out that way it's cool.

5. Middle names can be as common as we like

6. Look at the flow of name and how it will appear when in initial form, this includes the middle name.

My second son's first name is unique for the most part. His middle name is after someone really special to my husband who passed just shortly after my husband and I met. This person meant a lot to my husband so I was more than happy to oblige.

My daughter wasn't named after anyone.

My third son wasn't named after anyone per say. We googled unique names and his was one of the first to show up. His middle name is after a family member, something that just worked out that way. I really wanted to name him after my great grandfather, but my husband said "no way". (Honestly, I think "Metro" is an awesome boys name and it's unique to boot.)

The coolest part is that the first letter of each of their names makes up my posting name. L.A.C.E. Yep, when it came to the fourth child, his name also depended upon what word I could make out with the letters. I know. I'm strange. It's old news already.

There are other reasons names are so special. Names can help us stand out or blend in. Actors and Actresses have been known to change their names, even by just adding a few letters, to help be memorable in a market always looking for a fresh face. Come on Lady Gaga is NOT her real name no matter what someone might tell you.

For me, I use L.A.C.E. to both stand out a little and to maintain some anonymity. My name is rather common. It is also meaningful to me and those who named me. I have been told this story many times. My mom had always told my Great Grandmother that she would name her daughter after her. My Great Grandmother didn't believe her. I mean really, over the years I have had many names for my daughter. None have become her name. To my Great Grandmother's surprise and pleasure, my mom did as she said and I was named after a very wonderful person. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter and they never got to meet each other. She had just had her 100th birthday that year. Never had my name meant so much to me as it does now. I may not be able to see my Great Grandmother in person anymore, but I will always have a piece of her that no one else does with me always.

Wait. Did I forget something? My real name? Hello. My name is Sarah. It's a pleasure to meet you all without the mask of anonymity. (This post is dedicated to Nicole J over at Knocked up.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Zombie Birthday!

In the lateness of the evening of May 2006 I was a very pregnant and very uncomfortable Mommy. I laid on the couch hoping that this would be the night our beautiful boy entered the world. Seeing as baby wasn't co-operating, Daddy decided he would burn the popcorn and set off the fire alarm. Thus sending off a scream so loud a baby decided it was better to get out than stay in a home that only magnified that scream.

We loved our boy muchly and fretted over his lazy ways. He didn't like to do much unless he was doing it himself. He rolled late, sat late, walked late, talked late, and liked things his way. However, he was a ham. He liked things that his big brother liked too. For a while we let him play things like COD, until he said he needed 100 kills. Yeah, um, not our best parenting moment. Through this though he learned to love zombies. So we took away COD, but we needed to replace it with something. We did.
(google images)

He was fascinated with zombies. He played zombies at home, on the computer, and ran around with buckets on his head saying, "brains". He wanted zombie shirts, and when asked what he wanted for his birthday. He said, "A zombie cake!". Seeing as this was a milestone birthday I couldn't deny his request.

In the days leading up to his birthday I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making his birthday gift. Instead of waiting until Monday like I had originally intended I gave him his gift on the Sunday. His response? "What is it?" I told him it was a bunny and I put the left overs from his crib sheets in the ears. He promptly took his bunny upstairs and put it in his room. I can't say I wasn't a bit hurt. I felt better later that evening though when he asked to sleep with it. Yay success! (A carried hers around and lost it. I find it at midnight in her pretend stoves oven. C was ecstatic to have one of his very own. L is 5 months old. Not really expecting much out of him lol)

On Monday he got dinner from McDonald's. After dinner he received another gift. Plants VS Zombies for the Xbox 360. (Every morning he wakes up to play. Every morning I say no and he waits until evening)

On Wednesday preschool threw a little party with treats for the months birthday kids. When I showed up to get him he was wearing a cute handmade crown.

Finally Friday night came and I was up until the wee hours baking and decorating. Entertaining a sleepless A, and cleaning.

Saturday morning was full of rain and excited anticipation. Four friends and their parents from preschool showed up. The kids had fun tearing around the house for an hour and a half while the parents talked. In the last half hour presents were opened and the cake was presented. Everyone enjoyed it!

E went to bed that night with his bunny and told me how much he enjoyed his zombie cake and having his friends come and play.

Everyone Needs A "Happy Day"!

My daughter can be the most frustrating ragga-muffin on the planet. She is high energy all day, everyday. (no I don't believe she is add or adhd, she is a regular kid with extra energy) If she isn't paid attention to she gets into all sorts of mischief. She has coloured on most of my walls, my fridge, my stove, and my water cooler. She climbs stairs, bookcases and the goal posts at soccer games. She has also met her match with our kitchen cupboards and has the scar from three stitches in her forehead to prove it. She is vocal, likes the word "no", "sorry", and "I'm okay". The latter normally said because she has fallen off of something for the 40th time. She beats up her brothers whenever she doesn't get her way and she is always the first to tell me baby L is crying and needs me. She is also the reason he is awake and crying a lot of the time. (She can't help herself, she just must play with him.)

However, once you get past her dumping out all the shampoo onto her foam chair and "painting" with the toothpaste on her dresser, you get pure sweet A. She loves to run and play and make new friends. (Everyone always walks away from her though it's sad really. Breaks my heart and she only says "hi".) She has one request that she has a "Happy Day". As I have discovered "Happy Day" is not what we think of it. It's NOT a good day. To my A "Happy Day" is

***crude smiley faces on her magnetic drawing board. (which she requests over and over again)

***something she made from her building "legos" that look like maracas.

***a day at the Farm

***a bunny that Mommy made with love just for her

I love each time she comes up to me and shows me a "Happy Day". She always has the biggest smile to go along with it and it makes those trying moments fall away, disappearing from memory. Making my own day a "Happy Day".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In The Key Of Ha

I started this post about a month ago, but I had to stop because I had nothing to say. Then I found something to say, however, it definitely was NOT "in the key of ha" so I had to make a new post. I just let this one sit. Then I forgot about it. I'm glad seeing how even this one was turning out not so much funny as it was another bitch post. While it's good to get some things out, to sit and wallow in bitchiness turns off readers and turns your children against you. (Seriously, they have been insolent little monsters.) So now in the need to bring some much needed sunshine and happiness, maybe rainbows and unicorns (No, there will be no Ke$ha videos linked on here), here is some funny and other things that make me smile.

My E has got to be the funniest kid alive. Once he starts they all start. (unfortunately for me, this works the same way the not so funny stuff too) Some of the things he says is just out there lol Like this morning he was watching me change L. Like my other boys L was circumcised only for some reason his is considered a "hidden penis". His penis likes to hide in the folds of his skin so I have to pull it back to make sure things are clean and it doesn't fuse together. Anyways, E says, "L has a little penis". So I showed him that it's not that little, and said. "L has a little penis because he's little, you have a bigger penis because you are a big boy." E looks right at me, smiles and says, "That's right, because my penis is growing up." and that "L's penis looks like a belly button". He starts to crack up as he's saying this and I laughed so hard. He then went on to say that I had a "zero penis" and his sister has a "zero penis" and they don't grow. Seriously, the way this kids mind works lol

Okay, if that wasn't funny for you, I changed my mind and here are some rainbows and unicorns. Maybe in the form of a Ke$ha video ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Games

Well all, I am still exhausted from my son's party yesterday and waiting for the world to come to an end. So I am pimping out my post to my friend over at Snappy Surprise She is funny and witty. Just the way I like my friends. She also made up a fun game called Shitionary. She claims to be a terrible artist. I however, think she's is just Paint inept like the rest of us. Simply too hard on her artistic talents she is. Anyways, if you are taking a rest day, like guessing games and enjoy a few good laughs. The guesses people come up with are pretty funny and pretty good, come on over and give it a whirl. Who knows you might be the next Shitionary Champ :D

Shitionary Sunday

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyone Waits For The Rapture, I Throw A Birthday Party

"Did you hear that Jesus was coming?"

"Yes, yes I did. It states this fact quite plainly in the Bible."

"According to one source business insider,it all seems to stem from the website noted on the sign in the picture in the article. The group is Family Radio. The groups head Harold Camping is making these claims. He did predict the end of the world at least once before and it didn't happen."

"Hmm, well that sucks. I planned my son's 5th birthday party for that day. I think I should have put a disclaimer on those invitations."

E invites you to his 5th Birthday Party on May 21, 2011
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Where: Our House
RSVP: my phone number, my email address
Disclaimer: If Jesus comes for the world while your children are safely inside my home having a blast at my son's birthday party, I am not to be held responsible when they are whisked off to Heaven. I provide the shelter, cake, drinks and birthday fun. The result of the Rapture is entirely out of my hands. If you consider me responsible you are an arsehole and won't be seeing your child in Heaven anyways.

So yeah, I had no clue that I planned my son's birthday party on the day the world is supposed to go to pot and Jesus comes for his chosen ones. While worried, and excited about these facts, my kid is five and just knows he has real life friends coming to this thing. Although why not celebrate the end of the world? Can't just sit here and wait and watch, how boring is that.

Who knows, maybe the Rapture that this Harold guy is talking about isn't really the one where Jesus comes to take us away, but some biological tragedy. What he isn't telling us is that we are all going to be sucked up in the mother ship, where Zombies are waiting to eat our brains!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Want To Blow Up My Television! I'm Paying For Shite!

That's right folks. Close to $200.00 per month in fees and I have over two hundred channels of you guessed it crap! I get channel upon channel, hours upon hours of watching Reality Television. I turn on my boob tube and get to look at the likes of this:

(google images)

Yep, because those are the role models I want for my daughter.

and this:

(Google Images)

That's right boys. When you grow up your wives will sit around spending your hard earned money and bitch about everything under the sun while getting into the occasional bitch fight. Better buy your ringside tickets while you can.

and this:

(Google Images)

Where washed up celebrities give their careers a reboot on an obviously rigged show. Sure I liked some of those celebrities, however, I liked them before they went on the show. I want to see them "do" something again. Not dance around a stage waiting to get voted off and still get paid for it. Then, they dash my hopes by NOT doing something, yet again.

There is also American Idol, please kill this show. Do us a favor and don't add to it by putting on things like The Voice. I decided to pvr this as it's all I hear about on Twitter. Honestly, I had to turn it off. Not that they weren't good singers. I'm just really disenchanted by shows about making someone a singer. Everyone is in a band. It all goes mainstream and sometimes you end up with the likes of Lady Gaga who somehow is about her art and not the music? Yeah, um, she needs to get back to the music, because her latest stuff blows. She's riding the Nickleback train. Hun, trust me, you DON'T want all your songs sounding the same.

and this:

(Google Images)

Now there is Sister Wives. Hey, it was interesting. A life I didn't know much about. However, in many places it is an illegal thing. So why are you upset and crying that you might now be split apart? If you wanted to be together you should not have put yourselves out there. Really would have saved you all a lot of heartache and the kids from being exposed and uprooted. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a bitchy person tired of paying for someone else's 15 minutes of fame gone bad.

Should I list the rest? Little Couple, 19 Kids and Counting, Party Mamas, The View, etc. I'm so flipping over it!

Yes, I do watch some reality television. I do watch Big Brother. I have watched it from the very first episode. Back in the day when reality television was a baby. It was cuddly and cute. I wanted to hold it and rock it to sleep every night. Now though, it's a decrepit old man driving 20/km in a 80/km zone. It needs to get off this saturated road. ( It's fifteen minutes is dead, gone and buried.)

This year was also the first year I watched Survivor all the way through because it didn't bore the crap out of me. I do watch the Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar, but only because the other reality shows make me want to pull my hair out. And sadly enough these people are "normal" in comparision. Back in the day they would have been bitches and crazy. I watch them because you can see they care about each other. And if they don't, damn they are good actors and they need to be picked up fast!

I live in a day now where my thirteen year old is actually asking me if one of the Canadian police show Rookie Blue was real. What? Why does my kid think it's normal that a cop on t.v. is saying that they slept with another married cop? Did I miss the memo on what real life police say to real life people? It's a sad day when a sane person can no longer decipher between reality and television (fake). Unfortunately, as my 13 year old has shown, the day has indeed come.

They are seriously cancelling my daytime soaps for this shite? ABC and NBC have also cancelled a ton of Primetime shows, some well established ones, like Brothers and Sisters and Breaking In. Bet I know what they want to replace it with. REALITY TELEVISION! (I don't know for sure but wouldn't doubt it) Yeah, no wonder I want to blow up my television!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No. Wait. I Was Under The Influence


That was me the other morning. No, not crazy, out of my rocking mind hormonal. It was the oh my goodness my baby is five months old, one month away from six months, halfway to a year old hormonal. I'm declaring that every mom not in their right mind goes through this. Otherwise I'm truly crazy, and I'm currently in denial about that status.

So, frantic me had to do something about this situation. I couldn't freeze my child, or make time stand still. Suddenly I had a brilliant idea. Even my four five year old thought it was a great idea. He thought it was so good he was willing to do as I requested. Which was ask his Dad for another baby brother. Why? Because we simply need another brother you know.

To my surprise E ran up the stairs to me bright eyed and bushy tailed. "Yes, Mom. Dad said yes!" I swooped up L and flew down the stairs. I was so excited! He said yes! Woot! Woot! "Really? You mean it? We can have another baby?"


My darling husband looked up at me and shook his head, while asking me to repeat myself.

"We can have another baby! Yes, I'm so happy! That is what E asked you, and you said yes."

"Um, that is what he asked? No, we are NOT having another baby."

"But you told him yes."

"I was under the influence."

I was saddened, yet laughed my arse off at the same time.

Four hours later he reminded me that we fixed the issue of having another baby and there was no turning back.

Eight hours later I laid on the couch in utter exhaustion asking myself why I even considered baby number five?

Forty-eight hours later I have concluded I too was under the influence.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Years Ago Today

Dear E,

Just over five years ago, I found out I was pregnant with you. Dad and I were just married and wanted to start a family right away. God took that to mean literally right away. We were both shocked and overjoyed.

I wanted a girl. Dad wanted a boy. And girls simply didn't run in Daddy's male dominated family. I still hoped. However, your big brother wanted a little brother. In the want to make sure C knew that God does really answer prayers I put my wants aside and prayed God would send me a boy.

On the day of our ultrasound the picture was clear. God seemed to answer C's request for a brother to play with.

On May 14th, we were sure that you would be born on Mother's Day. I was having severe pains. Turns out after a trip to the hospital it was false labour. I was upset, I wanted my baby. I didn't care if it was two weeks early. On May 15th, after a day of on and off labour, Daddy wanted some popcorn. At 11pm he burnt the popcorn and sent the fire alarm off. The screeching must have scared you something awful as you decided it was time. Just after midnight on May 16th your Uncle drove us to the hospital.

At 6:32am you rocketed into this world. God did answer C's prayers and sent me you. Daddy and I were the happiest parents in the whole wide world.

Now you are five years old. You are funny, strong-willed, and helpful. You have a caring heart unsurpassed by any one child I have met so far. You are teaching your sister and baby brother how to love big as well. You will be finishing preschool soon and this September holds the key to entering a new stage of your life and ours. Kindergarten. You are growing up my funny little man.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you my Dear, Dear Blessing!

(Picture property of L.A.C.E.)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bunny This Way Comes

Occasionally I stalk the comments on the blogs I follow. This is how I came upon Shiny Happy World. I like crafting. I mostly crochet. I also scrap and cross stitch when I have time. Needless to say that I'm still on year two for my eldest son, who is now thirteen.

Anyways, I thought I would peruse the Shiny Happy World site and saw all these cute little patterns. I thought one day it would be nice to do one of these. Then while going through my reading list for the week just before Easter, Wendi Gratz posted the cutest pattern I had ever seen here. She had a online class running for it with videos. Well for those who know me, they know I need the visual to do anything with a sewing machine. Most things I've done, I have sewn by hand. Tedious, yes. However, I got the results I wanted.

I felt overwhelmed at first. I never did start the craft before Easter. All was not lost though. My second son is turning 5 this month, which is another huge milestone. I figured this craft would prove to be the perfect gift. So I went in search of the materials needed, spent many hours working until the wee hours of the morning. (Having 3 children and a baby means no one sleeps when they are "supposed" to) Finally, yesterday all my hard work paid off. I'm so excited to show off my project and say a huge thank you to Wendi Gratz over at Shiny Happy World. Without your pattern and your awesome teaching and videos I never would have done this.

For everyone else, if you like the Shiny Happy Bunny as much as I do you NEED to get yourself over to Shiny Happy World right now!

E's birthday present. The inner lining of his ear is from left over material from the fitted sheets that I made for him when he was born

C's gift. I made the hands and feet a lighter colour like he said he thought the bunny should have when I asked for help on his brothers *wink wink* The inside of the ears are from the left overs of the second "baby" blanket my Grams made him. The original baby blanket is sewn inside of the new blanket. He was three and there was no way he was letting go of his old tattered blanket for a new one. He had to watch her sew it up inside before he believed her and accepted the new blanket lol

A has all new material. The inside ears are two different patterns thanks to my eldest. I couldn't decide so he suggested to use one of each.

Finally we come to L's bunny. The inside of his ears come from a box of scrap material that my mom gave me a few years ago. It had bears and hearts on it. I thought it was perfect.

I hope you like them, as much as I do. They will all receive their bunnies on Monday. I can't wait!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mommy Where Do Babies Come From? Pt. 1

I have answered this question before. At least I think I have. I do recall my four year old (now 13) asking me about the body. I don't recall the exact way he phrased it anymore. He also wanted only specific answers. If you went further than what he wanted to know, he would tell you that he got the answer he wanted and went on his merry way.

This morning after the preschooler and toddler fought over the baby, E looked at me with that gorgeous, innocent face of his and asked me how the "doctor got L out of your stomach". Well now. How do I answer that one? Do I traumatize him for life and show him one of the many you tube videos on women in excruciating pain giving child birth? Do I go to the library like I did with my eldest (we didn't have a computer never mind the internet then). Or do I find something in between online. How much does he need to know? Will he truly understand or will he be more confused?

He will be 5 in about a week's time and I'm worrying about getting his gift done, starting on his decorations and designing his Zombie cake, I don't need to think about this too. Kid what are you thinking?!!! Can't we just go back to thinking about Zombie's and not worry about how your brother got here? At least until after your birthday party?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Note To My Mother


A Note To My Mother

Now that I am a mother of four precious blessings

I can finally understand your selfless sacrifice.

I too now walk the floor with newborns, and feverish children.

I too sit in frustration, as I watch toddlers love and dislike each other in the blink of an eye.

I also have come to say, "Don't call me unless there is blood".

Now that I am a mother of four precious blessings

I can finally understand your "love" of cleaning.

I too vacuum, dust, and pick up after children from sun up to sun down.

I too wash, fold and put endless piles of laundry away late into the night.

I also have come to say, "Your room is not clean the way I like it, go do it properly."

Now that I am a mother of four precious blessings

I can finally understand your "need" to do it yourself.

I too stay up way too late to bake the perfect first birthday cake.

I too spend endless hours learning to sew the perfect something special.

I also push myself out of my comfort zone so they can grow through experience.

Now that I am a mother of four precious blessings

I can finally understand why you "pushed back".

I too fight with my children to be the best they can be.

I too have a child who wants to give up that one moment too soon.

I also spend endless hours praying God will walk with my children as he has walked and continues to walk with me.

Now that I am a mother of four precious blessings

I can finally pass on all that you taught me about being an Amazing Mother.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy Bees

Sorry everyone. I have been slacking lately and one of my readers has so called me on it. Part of it has to do that I don't have much to talk about. The other part is that we are extremely busy over here. I've even doing this blog on the fly. So it's going to be really really short.

Since we are no longer sick it's back to preschool three times a week and now E is in soccer twice a week. Add in Cadets once a week, not to mention Sundays and sometimes all weekend getaways for them and I'm going with just the kids alone. I have to clean my house, cook supper, and keep budgeted. oh yeah, I also nurse. I have yard work I want to get started on, and I'm working on a project that needs to get done in time for my son's birthday party on the 21st.

E wants a zombie cake. I really hope the children coming to his party are not easily scared as we are apparently now zombie themed. Which means that I need to start designing cake and such to save on moolah. Obviously not my time.

So, I will try to get some posts in, but they will not be every day. I apologize to my regular readers, however, sometimes life just gets in the way no matter what you try. Then again, without my life I wouldn't have one single thing to blog about. Well... maybe.. but it would be appealing to a whole different demographic lol

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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