Saturday, April 30, 2011

Would This Make Me a Bad Parent?

My last post was this. Which led to this comment:
Ouch!! I remember BFing and The Boy would get so frustrated from the lack of flow (I had supply issues)and he would bite down in protest. Now that he has teeth he uses my shoulder as a chew toy and almost always bites me if I'm holding him on my hip.
by Losing Brownies over here. Which made me want to respond with this:
That is when you grab a dog's chew toy stick it in his mouth and take a picture. Who knows, maybe he'll find the rubbery surface more appealing than your shoulder. No, I don't have any hints on how to break your child of his dog toy habit if he suddenly develops one. That is if you think taking a picture of your baby with a dogs chew toy in his mouth is as amusing as I do.
Now I need to go to a store and buy a chew toy for my son. I'd borrow one from my mom's dog, but I'm afraid that would be crossing the very thin line I am already straddling.


  1. LOL! No, that would not make you a bad parent. Just one with a good sense of humor. If it makes you feel better, my husband once took a picture of my infant son with a bottle of Jack propped up next to him. Yeah, we're that family. ;)

  2. I actually bought a plastic dog bone (not the squeaky kind) for one of our babies. I'm sure we got some funny looks, but it was easy for him to hold and chew on.

  3. LOL... I think my husband might object. We did have one of those rubber Sofie teethers, but our dog ate it.

  4. The dog ate the baby toy? Well, time to get a dog toy for the baby! If it would work for the baby, why not for a bystander or neighbor? Who cares for the looks if baby and you are happy?

  5. lol NO!! What's funny, is the number 1 baby teething toy "Sophie the Giraffe" is an overpriced DOG TOY!! It's squeaky and rubbery, I seriously should have saved my $20 and gotten her a $3 petco squeaky toy. Oh well, you live and you learn right?

  6. Ha ha! My oldest was a biter--tough times! ;)


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