Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome. My Chaotic, Sleep Deprived Status

The Monster (my children) descend upon the Earth (me). Wound up to take on anything in it's path.

I prepare my defenses. Games. Story time. Crafts. Car rides. Preschool. Colouring. Music videos and dancing.

Alas, it's no use. My plans mean nothing. The Monster (my children) leave clothing, half eaten sandwiches, torn pages, fingerprints, screaming babies, et cetera in their wake. The Earth (me) is left defenseless praying for salvation (bedtime)


  1. Ha ha ha, that certainly seems to be the way of it! I'm here with ya :)

  2. Yup...that sounds about right. My kid opens every cabinet (especially my makeup drawer, freaking lovely) and just dumps everything on the ground. I spend my entire day putting stuff back, it's my own personal little hell. And I only have ONE! I can't imagine more than that : )

  3. Already The Boy leaves a trail in his wake! I can only imagine the destruction as he gets older!

  4. I took these pictures of my kids playing (one of the "quiet" moments that remind you why you had children lol) It totally reminded me of how I feel in those moments they decide to wreak havoc. Perfect use of the pictures lol.

    As for being more then one. The only difference is now I have more kids to help clean up the mess so it doesn't take as long. lol

  5. Oh but they were such good plans! :) Too funny!

  6. The good news is that they grow up and it gets easier! Then you are sleep deprived waiting up for them. Endless cycle.


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