Friday, April 8, 2011

Testing. Testing. Oops, It's All Gone.

In my tummy that is!!! I know I keep complaining about my weight, but I am having this crazy need to bake lately. Probably because I'm spending so much on snack food from the stores, and I like my money in my pocket not someone else's. That and I've been terribly depressed from being couped up in the house with a newborn and two toddlers all winter. So when we experienced two deaths in one week in our family, it was either bake or go off the deep end. Since I do eat to deal with emotions anyways, I figured I'd kill my liver as a form of "up yours life" and bake. I grabbed the kids, twisted their arms and baked a cake from the box. What? I'm no Martha Stewart and don't pretend to be. I use the box.

Then I took a trip to the computer while the cake baked and went to a site I've been watching for a while. It is sweetastic. It is Bakerella

After the cake was done we left it out for a while to cool. Once cooled we followed the instructions here. After a lot of mess and a lot of time (not a job for two toddlers unless you want more cake on the floor than on the wax lined pan), we ended up with these beauts.

cake pops pt. 1

Cake pops/ cake balls pt.2 with sprinkles and fun stuff.

Word of advice, DON'T USE STRAWS instead of the sticks they suggest. The cake balls are way too heavy. I discovered this the hard way. I also found that this dessert is best made WITHOUT the toddlers. They still get to lick the bowl and eat the end result so they are happy with our new no bake arrangement.

Since this first try at Cake Pops (which had rave reviews I might add), I have just made cake balls. I have not perfected the chocolate melt over top, but I'm not too worried yet. I have made peanut butter cake pops which turned out just delish. (They didn't last one day) Tonight I even attempted cake balls with cherries in the middle. I don't like how they turned out. However, my Dad was the inspiration so IF he likes them I'll make them again.


  1. I love cake pops, but don't have the talent to make them myself!

  2. Those look YUMMY! Wow, those wouldn't last an evening in my house, I have such a sweet tooth. I have been wanting to try to make these, maybe I finally will!

  3. Man, if you can do it, I can too...I'm inspired to bake!

  4. sounds like you deserved a sweet treat. those look yummy!

  5. Oh yum! I've been wanting to make some of these with the girls.

  6. I love cake! I've seen these on a nother blog I follow and I believe she got the idea from Bakerella as well :) They look so good!


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