Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink, Movie and A Review

The colour pink. Pink means many things. "Shades of deep pink, such as magenta, are effective in neutralizing disorder and violence." (taken from linked site) Is this the reason why Pepto-Bismal is that nasty pink colour? So let me get this straight. It is not the medication in it. It is the colour that neutralizes the disorder and violence of our intestinal tract? Good to know. I guess I'm also one step ahead as my cell phone and my laptop are both pink and I am just tickled and relaxed to the point of actually falling asleep. Let's not forget my Sansa. That little mp3 player is pink and I cannot bare to run with out it.

Okay, so why am I talking about pink? Because I am forced to admit that I am a bit of a girlie girl. This is a side of myself that I have been fighting against since I was a wee one. I don't know why, but if it's trendy I can't stand it. Maybe because secretly I want to be in the midst of the trend, but know it goes against everything I stand for. Not quite sure what that is yet, but I'm standing for it anyways.

I like the colour pink because it is bright and is what I imagine happy would look like if happy was a colour. Pink makes me feel younger, softer, less jaded. It takes me to a place of trees and fields of mustard seeds that go on for miles. The wind passing through, making waves that you want to run through and escape all the bad in everything. Watching musicals brings me the same feeling. I love music. I wanted to be a singer when I grew up. Then I grew up. However, certain songs and musicals like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang bring back the memories of singing for hours in my basement in front of my imaginary audience. (I have terrible stage fright. I shake so much I look like I'm having a seizure). I love purses and secretly have a passion for shoes. I'm also practical, which is why my shoe passion is a secret and I don't indulge. Yesterday I spent $36.80 CDN on a movie because of the pink factor. Bad me. I am surprisingly not ashamed and I don't feel guilty. I know I should.

The Movie
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. I wasn't one for the High School Musical movies after the first one. However, Ashley Tisdale's representation of Sharpay left me conflicted. I wanted to hate the mean, selfish girl. Yet, I couldn't help but like her at the same time. Then this movie came out. I had absolutely no intentions of buying it. No one in my home is in this age group. Well, my eldest, although he's not "into" musicals or girly movies. I wished it would have gone to the Disney Channel first. Then I read this review by Cindy at The Mom Maven. It was a pretty decent review. Later that night we went to the store and while I was waiting for Hubby to check out some electronics I checked out the movie aisle. That is when I saw it. Angels sang. I swear really they did. The price had me choked. But it had a pink clutch purse I reasoned. I sheepishly asked hubby if it was cool if I purchased the movie for the clutch purse. (I don't need his permission persay, but communicating on finances/purchases and remaining on the same page is important in our marriage)

(reason for paying so much for a movie)

After watching the movie three times (thank you my toddlers), I have to say that I agree withThe Mom Maven and her review. I must add that the one thing I noticed with this movie is it had a plot line all the way through. I have noticed the last few movies from Disney (HSM 2, Camp Rock) just threw in well known players and had little else. I felt like they took the time with Sharpay's character and the supporting cast to make it a really good storyline right until the end. Very enjoyable and I like Sharpay and Ashley Tisdale even more than I did before. Also, as a Canadian I LOVED seeing Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah on Degrassi) make an appearance. Handsome as ever. Does the guy age? I say get this movie, keep the clutch for your adult self and DON'T feel ashamed that you did so. I'm not!
(Disclaimer: These are my own views, I paid for this product of my own accord and have not been asked to review nor received anything in return for my review)


  1. I agree I think pink is what happiness looks like :) I don't get why so many girls/women have something against the color. I don't think of myself as a girly girl but I'm not going to write something off just because it happens to be pink like so many others do. P.S.: Yay for the new clutch!

  2. I love pink too! HOT HOT HOT Pink is my absolute fav. The pinker the better.

  3. I hated pink growing up. I think I was rebeling against the girl and trying very hard to be a tomboy.
    As I grow older, I am totally embracing the color. If it's available in anything my size, I buy it, especially shoes. Of course, pink looks fabulous with grey;)

  4. Be careful, pink has a calming effect only when initially exposed to the colour, research on inmates show that prolonged exposure has the opposite effect, making people more agitated!

  5. @ Stranger in a strange land

    Now I have the perfect excuse as to why I hated it! My parents made me wear too much pink as a child so I had to detox ROFL


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