Monday, April 4, 2011

Pass The Gas!!

Oh my goodness!! I am having a terrible go of it since my husband flew out of province for a funeral. I am exceedingly excited that he has made his trip short and will only be gone for one week. However, today, I'm a mess and just want him here. Anyways, my kids sure know how to make funny out of thin air.

You can always rely on a conversation to do two things, end up in a discussion about poop or gas. Deny it if you will, but we are children forever when it comes to these two things. My four year old is currently in love with discussing poop. He's always "pooping" on his 13 year old brothers head. A says she's "poot" even when all she did was pee. And the girl loves her whoopie cushion which only leads us to of course the topic of gas.

In this house, the stinkiest gasser of us all is the baby. So of course whenever one of the kids let 'er rip, they blame it on L. I love it. Even today when my eldest clearly sent a stinker our way, my daughter pointed her finger at baby L and said, "Baby, fart. Hahaha". I tried to place blame where blame was due but she wouldn't have it.

Dinner table oops are also passed on to baby L. And why not? The kid cannot speak, just squawks and giggles and well stinks up the house when he legitimately passes gas or "poots". We try not to laugh and act like "civilized" people, however, it doesn't work so well.

So in all my crabby misery today, my one ray of sunshine just happens to be the conversations we all end up having. Poop and gas. So, I say if you really need a quick pick me up or embarrassed by your own gassy "oops" pass the gas and blame somebody else. In our case it's baby L.


  1. Does gas ever stop being funny? LOL I'm nearly 40 and under the right circumstances I can cackle at a well timed poot...I won't tell your kids though, I'll be civilized!

  2. My kids always blame it on Daddy. lol

  3. Just wait till the baby is able defend himself/herself....all that will come to a stop. I almost feel sorry for the baby....

  4. @ Diplo_Daddy don't feel sorry for the baby, if he's anything like my other kids he'll get his payback lol.

  5. Apparantly my husband and his brother still haven't grown out of gas being funny :)


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