Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Am So English?

According to my husband I'm English. Okay, well, yes, my ancestors are from England. Well, most of them. However, some are from the Ukraine and others from Holland. Seemingly though, regardless of my obvious mutt pedigree I belong with the English. This is one of the reasons. I like teapots. I have a fascination for teapots. I don't care for the nice English dishes. I do have a set from my Grams. However, if I could have a collection other than my cats I would collect teapots.

This all came about when we went to Chapters to return my Kobo e-reader. Love it, the screen just pooped out. Apparently a common known problem. I got a violet one in return to replace the old one. I was tickled. Anyways, while waiting I was perusing the closer aisles and found this:

I just had to show it to my husband. I would have bought it right then and there if I knew my children wouldn't touch one inch of it. I had to pass it by, and that is when my husband looked at me and said, " You are so English". I asked what that was supposed to mean. Well here is his criteria for coming to such a conclusion.

* Genetics
* Love teapots
* Earl Gray tea (I prefer the flavoured stuff thank you)
* I occasionally talk with an English accent (I seriously don't do it on purpose it just happens)
* has a slew of words I use. Like arse, beastly, bender, blatant, bloody (I say, "oh bloody hell" a lot), botch, box your ears (bahaha, I heard this a lot as a kid),bugger ("oh bugger", "bugger off"), bum (I bum around in my jammas), Cheeky (cheeky monkey), easy peasy. Crikey! The more I read the more I'm convinced my husband is right.
* I enjoy scones and would choose that over muffins anyday
* I could eat porridge everyday with a bit of fruit
* I could live on potatoes and other vegetables (in fact, I don't consider potatoes a vegetable, but a whole food group onto itself)
* I really like yorkshire pudding. (unfortunately I use the packaged kind, not as good I hear)
* I don't feel a meal is a meal without a plate of bread and butter (I don't normally do that as my kids will eat that and not their supper. My Grams always has it out at lunch and supper)
* I was ecstatic to meet Prince Charles and shake his hand when I was 18.
* I remember seeing Prince Charles and Princess Dianna get married when I was 4 years old
* I also made sure to post this on the eve of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's nuptials

So there is his crude list of why I am English. Yes, I did add some as I began to think of my quirks. So am I truly English?

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  1. Totally English.

    Earl Gray tea? That right there is your giveaway.

  2. Jolly smashing (more english words though only certain types of English people use them!)
    Yorkshire Puds are easy to make - and you have the perfect shaker to make them in!

  3. O yes! You bloody well are British, even if you don’t want to admit it—you cheeky monkey!

    You want to really get under your husband’s skin, the next time you go shopping together, ask him to put all the bags in the “Boot”!! Or, ask him to have a look under the bonnet and check the washer fluid as you think it might be a little low. Or even better, ask him if he thinks your “bum” looks okay in your favourite pair of jeans!

    My son is American/German. And if you ever heard him speak, even a few words, you’d swear on all that’s holy and right, that he’s British! But he’s no more British than I am Canadian. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  4. I read the post, really, I did, but the picture of the gorgeous teaset with the cats on it made my mind go "SHINYPRETTYWANT!!!" and now I can't think of anything else.

    But I'll go and have a cuppa and come back for another read. ;-)


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