Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Halt! I Have Gravy And I Know How To Use It!

Happy Belated Easter All!

(google images)

We did our Easter Egg Hunting on Good Friday. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their hunt. E was awesome. His eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "They are on the windowsill! They are everywhere!" It was like Christmas morning all over again. They spent the rest of the morning hopping around like bunnies, hiding their mega blocks and using the bucket to find them again. I LOVE watching them utilize their imaginations. I really enjoy watching the toddlers communicate. Half the time I have no clue what on earth they are saying, yet, they move in perfect harmony. C helped them collect their bunny "loot", along with his own. L got one little teething toy. He has plenty of time for chocolate later on.

Then came the much needed nap before heading off to my parents house for Easter dinner.

We were late as usual. I'm always behind now. No matter what I do, I'm at least five minutes late. Once I'm no longer nursing this will change. For now, don't count on me to show up anywhere at the time I need to. For doctor appointments I'm there at least 10-15 minutes early, if I'm not, I'm late. Not just by five minutes either. More like half an hour late.

As we enter my parents humble abode the place is buzzing with my sisters four children, add on my three mobile children and we have an instant melee. Five adults in one kitchen is also melee. I have discovered that I can make anything I want to if I follow my mothers directions. (Why I am following the advice of a woman who cannot cook I don't know.) After her instructions I now know how to make an explosive weapon out of gravy.

Here are the directions if you want a little more action on Easter:

Take this thing:
(google images)

and fill 1/4 of that with this stuff:

then add hot gravy drippings to that, (bring it up to 3/4 full) and add 1tbs of sourcream.

Here comes the fun part, put on the lid shake it until the lid pops off and douses your whole kitchen in clumpy flour, that tablespoon of sour cream and a whole lot of greasy turkey drippings.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, I almost shot the bones of the turkey across the room with my fat ass.

After that I promptly walked out of the kitchen as they howled with laughter at me. My husband made the gravy.

The kitchen is just dangerous with me in it. Especially when I blindly follow my mother's instructions on how to make gravy.


  1. Lol, they were also so hubbies directions he said to add the hot turkey drippings and then shake. But was all right, dinner turned out and everyone had a blast.

  2. Don't feel bad. I did what you did, only with a blender. And it was my own idea. Not the best one I ever had!

  3. I cannot cook or do anything with my mom. It never works out. Even though I'm completely competent in real life, when I get around her? Forget it.

    Also, that you're only 1/2 an hour late with 3 kids means you're actually early.

  4. I couldn't cook well to save the world. I feel your pain. But glad your kids enjoyed their egg hunt! ;)

  5. I have one of those shakers and did the same making chocolate milkshake!!!
    That's the reason I smuggle packets of the most amazing gravy mix back from the UK every time I go home!


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