Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For The LOVE Of All Things Silly

I love being silly. Probably not as much as when I was younger, mostly due to the fact that I have four kids and am REQUIRED by society to be mature. I am not. Sorry to disappoint folks. I do my fair share of goofing off and I enjoy it. I mean come on, I blogged about gas how mature can I realistically be? I'm mature enough to keep myself out of jail, kids from being taken from me by CFS, and my bills paid. Other than that, forget it!!! Work? I enjoy my work, I get to goof off all the time. The rest falls in line with the "Kids from being taken from CFS" part of it.

So anyhoo, being able to do things with the most amount of silliness and randomly, brings me great orgasmic joy. Yes, orgasmic joy. Wouldn't be so great if it wasn't, now would it?

Now I follow a wonderful place of well I'm not even sure what to call it. It can be unsettling at first, especially if you've left your sense of humor at right click. Although, this place can be viewed as those train wrecks that you just can't look away from. You get sucked into this vortex of insane thought and randomness. When you realize you are in said vortex it's simply too late. You cannot escape and you are in some sick twisted love triangle. You, your significant other and The Bloggess. Although I have to say it's better than the sick twisted love triangle I'm already in with my husband and Diggnation (That is for another post.)

I also follow The Bloggess on Twitter. Only makes sense if I follow her blog don't it? And seriously almost crapped my pants when I saw that she is following me back! Me?!?! I am not worthy. (BTW she has a picture of Wil Wheaton collating papers. No shit! I was on twitter the day she made that happen.) See why I'm not worthy of her followage?

Okay, now down to my silly and why I'm babbling about some woman with a blog. On Twitter The Bloggess stated that her husband went to the hospital due to an infection and she needed some cheering up. Her Twollowers came through. Of course how could I deny such a simple request. What was the request? A picture with you and twine of course! Here's mine :

BTW I am also blaming this one on the baby :D


  1. looks good. Now did L really do that. lol

  2. Oh my gosh woman how could the Bloggess not laugh at this? LOLOL! What in the world happened to you?

  3. lol the toque is to hide the really bad bed head (I'm Canadian this is "normal"). I asked my eldest (home sick from school)son, to tie me up for the picture. No hesitation and he made sure to do the mouth gag with twine for extra effect. Still blaming it on the baby hahaha

  4. Love the blog and thank you for the introduction to the Bloggess!


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