Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pass Me The Vodka / Ode To Vodka

Ode To Vodka

Oh Vodka how I do LOVE thee, Let me count the reasons

I feel the burn as you brush by my lips and slide down my throat.. tasty

You've got the "impractical" bling I dream of having

You can disguise yourself as an energy drink. No more paper bagging it for me, I'm letting it all hang out!!!

If my alcoholic friend comes over and I don't want to share, I can hide you among my DVD's and the friend would be none the wiser.

Another ingenious look. I can stash these with the doggy shampoo and sneak a "sippy" while I hide from my children for a breather. Oh wait, we don't have a dog. Oh well I gave an alcoholic dog owner a swell idea. They can thank me later.

You are multi-cultural. Your "colours" are very PC. No boycotting from me.

Last but not least you have an incredible sense of humor and show your fun side. I don't need to taste your burn to mess with my mind on this one.

Oh Vodka how I do LOVE thee, these were only some of the reasons.

Pass me the Vodka!!

Pass me the Vodka...It's only 8 am and the toddlers are fighting over L.

Pass me the Vodka...L is fighting being a near three month old without the ability to move as he pleases.

Pass me the Vodka...C is not happy he has to put down his computer to go to school.

Pass me the Vodka...Hubby is not happy he is confined to his room due to minor surgery that has him "taking it easy" for at least two weeks. He's currently working from the bedroom.

Pass me the Vodka...I get to sleep on a blanket on the livingroom floor with L during Hubby's confinement. It's hard and I'm convinced due to current events it contributes to memory loss.

Pass me the Vodka...A keeps hitting everyone and everything because she isn't getting her way.

Pass me the Vodka...E is trying to catapult L out of his bouncy chair exclaiming, "You are flying!"

Pass me the Vodka...13 year olds suddenly forget how to clean, that they are NOT the parent, and many other offenses.

Pass me the Vodka...I irrationally still pay said 13 year old for chores I am doing or redoing.

Pass me the Vodka...because I'm the mommy and my work is 24/7/365

Pass me the Vodka...I don't like wine. (please note the wine didn't like me first)

Pass me the Vodka...without it my children end up looking like this



  1. 'bottoms up!' as they say in Britain! Treat yourselve to a glass or two- it might help with morning mayhem but not sure how you'll manage the evening!

  2. LOL!! I want, no need, some vodka after reading all of that! Yikes. Vodka makes me do silly things though so I try to refrain (Oh and being preggers really puts a damper on my vodka drinkage)

    Just remember:
    "It's 5 o'clock somewhere"

  3. Just thought I'd give you something to celebrate about (And use some of that vodka)
    I gave you The Stylish Blogger Award!! You can check it out here:

  4. I found your blog from the lovely Irish Italian Blessing~ this post is hilarious!


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