Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nelly Get Out Of My House!!!

I have to say at least it isn't Justin Beiber. Sorry Justin, but you are just too much media hype for someone so young who hasn't lived long enough to be putting out a biographical book, much less a movie about your life. So I'm thankful that my children don't have "Beiber Fever".

At this point in time though my son has "Nelly Fever". I didn't mind his "Black Eyed Peas Fever", at least there was more than one song he'd listen to over and over again. It is so cute to hear him burst into song, "Gotta Get Get", insisting to his older brother that it is "his song" and no one else could sing along. Got that Will I Am and Fergie? My four year old currently holds the rights to your songs and music because he says so. I love that he loves music and loves to move and groove to the beat. I loved it when he was smaller and sang, "It's Bananas, B A N A N A Bananas" or shouted out "So What I'm a Rockstar!". Yes, Pink and Gwen we love you too! (sorry no "wheels on the bus" in this house, that's what Preschool is for). Now, after three days of "Move That Body" by Nelly ft. T. Pain and Akon on continual repeat I wish my preschooler had a little more "Twinkle Little Star" in his life. So no offense Nelly, I like your music and all, but it's time to get out of my house. Just until I stop singing the song in my sleep at least.

For your viewing entertainment:


  1. Got to love that little guy. Yes a little more little star.

  2. Oh my goodness that is hillarious!! Love that you said save the wheels on the bus for pre-school. I listen to my favorite music around my little one too and can only imagine her singing the songs one day.


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