Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conversations with L

L is just shy of being three months old so what could he possibly have to say? Honestly, I'm not sure. I cannot understand one word that comes out of that little guy. Yet, apparently he has a lot to tell me.

I have to say that I love nursing. Okay truthfully it's a love/hate relationship, but I'm still doing it so it has to be more love than hate. At least that's what I tell myself when I realize that he still nurses every two hours and is stuck like velcro to me all night long.

It started out rough, like all of my kids. However, I'm into self punishment so I continued to push through months of thrush and other pitfalls to give my children "liquid gold". Don't think I have anything against mothers who use formula. If someone puts that crap into my mouth I will slap them silly. I formula fed my first and my second because of different issues for both. I was only able to successfully nurse my daughter for thirteen months. Not because I wanted to either. The very strong-willed A would rather starve than eat formula. So even though I was done at six months, she was not.

So back to L. Our nursing experience up to this point has been less than stellar. I wanted to stop already with the trouble we were having. I'll admit that I should have listened to that one health nurse when she said that he wasn't latched properly. Hind sight is twenty/twenty and our personalities clashed so I wasn't listening. (Bad Mommy Know-It-All) He was having trouble eating from a bottle as well. We went through several. Finally when he got the bottle working somewhat, the formula made his tummy sore. You could actually hear his stomach get upset from it. So after two weeks, I said forget this, I'll put up with the pain as long as he wasn't sore. In this time my grams mentioned tongue-tie. So I did research and our issues fit the bill. I went to my doctor because now, unlike when I was a babe, you need to jump through hoops to get anything done. His pediatrician didn't see a problem, but was willing to keep an eye on things. (See he's a good pediatrician, and he listens and I like that). In the meantime my In-Laws were doing investigatory work of their own. I was given names and numbers by someone from La Leche League that my Father In-Law knows. Did I mention I love the La Leche League? Very informative group of people on breastfeeding. Anyways, I called one of the numbers and got in to see a dentist. He saw what I was talking about and did the procedure. Like night and day I tell you. There is a relearning curve on his end, but wow what a difference. I have never been so happy to be puked on by a baby in my life. (he's full now that he's getting more food)

At this very moment I am anxiously waiting him to wake up to nurse some more. You see for the last week he's been doing this thing where he will look at me when he nurses. Make perfect eye contact. Then he'll nod his head and raise his little eyebrows. His mouth turns up a bit mischievously. He gives a "goo" and then pulls away from me to give me the biggest smile he can possible give. Than babbles and nods his head some more. Whole conversations. We "coo", "goo" and nod back and forth to each other. I loved these moments but wanted to by-pass them just so we could get the uncomfortable and sometimes painful nursing session over with. Now, I'll be able to just be in them and finally enjoy these fleeting Conversations with L.


  1. I'm so glad nursing has improved for you and your little guy!! I remember being SO disappointed when I went back to work and my milk supply diminished. I really enjoyed nursing Dawson - I wish I could have done it for much longer.

  2. Good luck with breaking "L"'ll take time, but you'll do fine.

    My wife was unable to breast feed our son. It simply did not work, no matter how much she tried. She wasn't upset.

  3. I'm so glad it's better for you BOTH!!! It's so hard when it doesn't work out perfectly or even as you expected but great job for sticking through and figuring it out. Gold Star for Mommy!


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