Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter = Less money

I suffer from depression and this time of the year, typically the beginning of February (I made it to mid-Feb this year) until Spring, I am at my worst. I hit rock bottom and nobody is getting me out of my rut no way no how. Possibly why I was so upset with my son last week. When I get like this I resort to several habits. Some not so great, like spending money. Now I'm a frugal person by nature and the thought of spending money sets off all sorts of anxiety bells. I don't want to end up in can't-get-out-to-save-your-life debt or have to go without like when I was a single mom. Living pay cheque to pay cheque and only having maybe $20.00 to your name in between sucks, especially when you need to buy diapers, clothes, and school supplies among other things.

When we found out we were coming in to some "gravy" money this week right away the anxiety shot off the richter scale. Yes, I was itching to spend money. I feel like crap, and getting something new helps me feel better. My hoarding tendencies are going to get me into so much trouble later on. So this was an injection of intense orgasmic excitement and a hard case of the be extremely sensibles.

One part of me wanted to spend on new furniture. We have been wanting a new bedroom set since we moved into our home in 2009 but have put it off getting the kids rooms settled. Then property taxes ate up our savings. (I knew that was going to happen, I just liked living in denial and seeing the large number sitting there). Then the summer found us doing the backyard so the kids had somewhere to play. Fence, deck, grass, you know the usual suspects. Now we see we need new sofas. Ours have seen their day. They are dated and I have always thought they were ugly. (they were my hubby's before we met) While the other part of me was trying to think of which bills to put it on to help get us completely out of debt. We don't have much, but a new home does incur some debt when you are trying to give it a personality that fits your family. (i.e. nice looking front and backyard)

We finally agreed, due to a friends suggestion, to put some money on something for the family, some money on debt, and some for personal spending or saving for the family. Basically evenly placing funds between all three places. We also decided to put off our bedroom once more in order to get something for the family. We went out this morning and bought a new sofa and love seat.

(disclaimer: this picture is from TheBrick)

This was the sofa I originally feel in love with once we were there. I loved the lines and it wasn't "bulky". It had a slight curve to the arms that made it feel more modern without the price tag to go with it. Our con was that we felt like we were leaning to the side towards the arms. So we checked out a few other sofa/love seat combinations and ended up with this.

(disclaimer: this picture is from TheBrick)

What we liked about this sofa is that it is NOT bulky. It's not fabric so it won't retain people smell. Body fluids are easily wiped off and won't stain. (if you have children I need not explain) It is comfortable to sit in and I'm not leaning from one side to the other. It's the colour of coffee and chocolate all things good in this world. Oh and the best part is that the cushions are NOT removable. No more looking for toys in the couch or having them move out from under me. No more coming downstairs and finding my children have removed them, put them on the floor and are using them as small islands. I cannot wait until tomorrow when we are supposed to get them. Only problem is trying to figure out what to do with our old furniture.

So that was my morning. It wore the kids out, I got out of the house and I got to spend money therefore alleviating my spending itch without the buyers remorse.

Okay Spring you need to show up soon as my bank account won't be able to handle anymore large purchases for a while.

(Disclaimer: the products noted and reviewed in this post were done so on my own accord and I was not asked by anyone to review nor purchase them. I did not receive anything for writing this post. We did not purchase these at the Brick, but an affiliate store. The purchase was due to personal searches, what we were interested in and what the store had in like with what we wanted, not for personal gain through the Brick or it's affiliates.)


  1. I love the couch! It's beautiful. Glad you had a friend help you make some good decisions about the $$$. I'm ready for spring too, lets gooo spring!

  2. Very nice! It will be easy to keep clean and last a very long time! Congratulations on your new purchase!

  3. Oh, I'm jealous - I can't wait to have a couch without removable cushions!

  4. The couch is awesome! It is modern and classic, love it! You definitely need to be able responsible with your money while enjoying it at the same time, I'm so glad you found a happy medium and got that itch out of your system :)

  5. Thank you everyone. I love my new sofa and loveseat. It looks so clean in here. and less cluttered. They are both smaller than are old furniture and fit the room better. So nice :D


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