Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes You Just Got To...

1. take a step back.

2. turn the ringer on your phone (a.k.a. land line) off, your cellphone to vibrate.

3. eat all the chocolate in sight and NOT think about the fat clinging to your hips.

4. breathe darn it. breathe.

5. think of one endearing thing about your significant other.

6. think of one thing that your child did in the last 10 minutes that made you smile.

7. think of one thing that your child did in the last 4 hours that made you smile. (I've got four children so I have a lot to smile about)

8. leave the house for an hour or two and visit with people your own age or older.

9. think of one thing that made you laugh.

10. laugh at that one thing out loud. (if that wasn't enough laughter repeat steps 9 and 10)

11. keep your day simple. Doing the bare minimum and be okay with it.

Since my last post I have been trying to do all of these. I have needed to clear my head and remind myself that there have been days like that before and there will be more to come. I have three more children yet to hit the teenage years. I better use this time wisely and learn as much as I can instead of throwing myself a continual pity party. Now that I'm beginning to catch my bearings after this I'm hoping to have a lighter post coming up in the next few days.

A giant THANK YOU to those who commented on my last post I really needed the encouragement to dust myself off. Cheers!!!


  1. Thinking of just stealing your list. #8 and #11, I NEED daily. Glad you're doing better mama! Keep smiling at those kiddos

  2. I guess the overall message of your post is, laugh more—and often!

  3. @ an Irish Italian Blessing steal away lol

    @ Diplo_Daddy, if the was a message I guess yes that would be it. Laughing like crying is a great stress releaser.


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