Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Valentines

So Valentines Day is well on us as of tomorrow. Honestly, I've been thinking about nothing but money, meal plans, less take out, weight loss and sick babies. Nothing in there about love, sugared cookies, candies, and/or chocolate roses. We just simply don't have time for all that with four children. Us old folks have to pencil it in on the calendar in between Cadets, preschool and parent council meetings.

Reality is my husband and I really don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We both pretty much agree it's a consumerists holiday. I don't know his reason for it, however, I'm sure I don't like it because I never had a Valentine. I really hated when they did those flower things in school. I always hoped someone would give me a rose. It never happened. Really I never, ever had a Valentine. Even when I was with someone I never got a Valentine. (won't go there, my eyes will start shooting flames). Anyhoo, my husband and I agreed that we would just treat it like any other day. And we have. This year I did go out and got him a giant cookie heart that said "you complete me". It was totally a "cheezer" thing to do. But I saw it, and it made me smile, so I knew it would make him smile. He also does complete me, so it was a win/win thing. *insert gushy, loving smiley here*

We do nice things throughout the year though. Randomly I'll come home with a card telling him how much he means to me. He's done the same. Just recently he bought me a stuffed cat. (my daughter tried to steal it) I love cats, but I'm allergic, so I collect them instead. There was also one time that I woke up next to the stuffed bear I bought him. He didn't want me to wake up alone after he went to work. (Like who does that? lol) I'll let him sleep in on the weekends and he'll be up with the kids so I can have a longer nap after their naps. He'll curl up on the couch after work to de-stress and I'll cover him up in a blanket. Sometimes I even tuck him in bed at night. I have a touch of insomnia so most nights I stay up way later than him. I think we got a pretty good system going on and it shows us how much we love each other throughout the year as opposed to saving it all up for one day. Also, not celebrating takes the pressure off of us. That's what an Anniversary is for.

Now to quickly fill my E's Valentines Day cards for preschool and let him sign them in the morning. All the kids have been sick since last Wednesday so while I knew the 14th was coming up, it didn't really dawn on me that it was coming up. (mommy zombie over here)

Happy Valentines Everyone!!!!


  1. It's so good that you two do sweet little things like that for each other all year round. It's great for the two of you and sets a great example for the kids too. Happy Valentine's (and every other) Day!

  2. Yeah, there's nothing like paying 5 bucks for a V-Day card! On any other day, it would cost you @1.50 to 2 bucks. And the roses.....

  3. happy valentine's day

  4. Your post totally made me laugh out loud. Especially the part about shooting flames out of your eyes. I never got those stupid heart shaped lolipops passed out in school either and I am STILL bitter about it. I was just thinking yesterday that I must send them to my kids in school just so they don't have to watch all the other kids get them.

  5. @ Holly Ann, yes it helps keep us in the loop of how much we care about each other when life takes over and we forget to even hug each other.

    @ Diplo Daddy yeah, it is super expensive on all holidays, which is why we waited until after boxing day (Dec.26) sales to get a new nice tree. $185 tree for $40 lol

    @ stuff that matters, stuff that don't, it is sweet. ty for the follow

    @ meandmythinkingcap back at ya

    @ an Irish Italian Blessing glad u enjoyed the post. I'm liking the idea of sending them Valentines in school.


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