Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Poop :S


Oh A. My beautiful, strong-willed, curious, independent little girl. What am I going to do with you?

From the time I drag my exhausted body out of bed off the couch in the morning until she falls asleep in her own bed my daughter keeps me on my toes.

I always wanted a girl. I didn't get a girl the first time around. Amazingly enough it didn't matter once my son was put in my arms. The second time around the ultrasound revealed some manly parts. I was upset, but I knew my eldest wanted a brother. Up until this point I had told him to pray for a brother. I was trying to teach him that God answers prayers. So I put the fact that I wanted a little girl behind me and prayed that C would get his brother. E was born. Then my hubby gave me a pregnancy test for Christmas (previously he said E was the quota), I was excited. One month later I was pregnant. I prayed and held my breath for the ultrasound. Yay!!! We have our girl.

Okay, now what was I thinking? She climbs everything and anything. Her volume control has one setting, ear shattering. If she doesn't get her way she hits you and screeches. While sounding like a tea kettle and then an eagle going after it's prey sounds cute when they are mere babes, at two years old I'm just waiting for her to make my ears bleed. She loves cheese, Caillou, Fragglerock (a.k.a. "Rock") and thanks to my boys, Spongebob Squarepants. Oh the horror!!! (Seriously. I feel like I'm getting more stupid by the episode) Her favorite words are "no" and "okay". Be warned, "no" does mean no, but when she says "Okay" she's just pacifying you. Her mind is looking for a way around what you said so she can get her own way.

So let's get to it. What has any of this got to do with poop. Well let me tell you. The previous babble provides some insight into why I feel like I want to crawl under a rock and not come back out. A is changing and possibly becoming more daring than before. She tried to crawl out of her crib and landed on the outside of it. Keep in mind she already fought with the kitchen cupboard and lost, ending up with three stitches in her head. Logic says she should not still be climbing, in, on, or out of anything. So now we have her on a mattress on the floor. Big girl bed time. Why the floor. Because I cannot find the hardware to the convertible crib rendering it a $200.00 hunk of useless wood. Now, she is into saying she pooped ("mom, I poot") and trying to change herself. Twice now I've had to clean poop out of my carpet. I guess not only are we getting her to stay in her bed on the floor (I put up a baby gate in her doorway to keep her from running out of her room all the time), we are going to need to start potty training her as well. With a newborn, this is going to be fun. (like drilling a hole through your hand while your awake and no medication for the pain). I hope it's quick and this is the one thing she is not as strong-willed about.


  1. Oh man! I cannot say I'm jealous at all. I thought the boys were supposed to be the climbers and daredevils and girls were supposed to be perfect little angels. Darn it!

  2. My two older boys are definitely not as daring. Not sure about my youngest yet. I do know they can be as rambunctious though lol


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