Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss Popularity

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be part of the popular crowd. Sure I spent many a day denying it. But who doesn't want throngs of friends to talk to, party with, and trade beauty secrets with? Oh, and getting to date the most "exclusive" guys?

However, I was blunt, awkward and always managed to say things I shouldn't have. I probably should just permanently have left my foot in my mouth. That way I wouldn't have to sit here and think about all the friendships I could have had if I only didn't finish that sentence. (did I mention I still have this affliction??) Is it sick that I wonder how these people are doing these days? Good or bad, mean or nice am I odd that I really sincerely hope they are all doing well and successful? Ok, I'll admit it. There are a few whom I wish Karma had a chance to bite them in the butts and hard. But then again, I remember not so nice things about me, and I know who I am now as opposed to then. I'd hate to think someone I bumped into today would still judge me by who I was in High School.

Speaking of today, I have finally reached popularity. I tell ya that I am not sure I was thinking clearly when I wanted to win the Miss Popularity contest. The hours are long. The chatter. Oh the chatter. I feel my mind could explode some days with the incessant chatter coming from three different directions. My body morphs into a jungle gym at least 15 times a day. I still cannot find my referee jersey in this mountain of laundry. Who knows maybe it's with the missing left sock, and the invisible monkey? (just so you know, the domestic fairy is a lie) My meter starts at 7 in the morning and ends sometimes around 2 the next morning. I charge by the hour and apparently running a tab. My financial advisory abilities are sharpened by the day, yet somehow I am still out around $50.00 per month. Get this, the loss increases the older I get. I also look like a bag lady while my adoring fans wear brand name clothes. (not really brand name, how rich do you think I am?) Oh, and to keep my popularity going I need to purchase a large amount of gifts at least twice a year. So who is it that keeps me on my toes and grinding me to the ground with their awe and admiration for me? My four wonderful children of course.

Phew, popularity is exhausting business. I'm glad I wasn't popular back then, I don't think I could have handled it. I also don't think it would have been nearly as rewarding.


  1. Ha! I can totally relate! Great post! Btw, I am now following. :)

  2. Love your blog! Your writing reminds me of me! lol! Rock on Miss Popularity!

  3. Thank you for join Lebau Birthday.
    Love your blog,

  4. @ Holly Ann, thank you. I appreciate the follow :D

    @ jet, thank you. Sorry brain fell out, kids are sick and I lost my witty reply lol

    @ Nan, thank you.


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